DBA I/28 Sea Peoples 1208BC-1176BC

The Sea Peoples Confederation burst upon the eastern Mediterranean in the late 13th century BC. For 50 years they had a major impact, contributing to the collapse of both the Hittite Empire and the Mycenaean culture. They also had a good go at Egypt – several goes actually. The confederation’s armies are represented by the DBA army list I/28 Sea Peoples 1208BC-1176BC. This post is part of my series on Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists.

I/28 Sea Peoples

Ag: 4


  • 1 x LCh (Gen) [Retinue Chariots]
    • or 4Bd (Gen) [Retinue Swordsmen]
  • 2 x 4Bd [Sherden]
  • 6 x 3Bd [Other Sea Peoples]
  • 3 x 3Ax [Other Sea Peoples]
    • or 2Ps [Other Sea Peoples]

The Sea Peoples included a variety of tribes. Egyptian records list the Lukka, Sherden (Shardana), Danuna (Denyen), Meshwesh, Eqwesh, Quarqisha, Labu, Teresh, Shekelesh, Asbata, Shayu, Hasa, Baqan, Weshesh, Danyen, Tjekker, and Peleset.

The tribes most commonly included in wargaming armies are the Sherden and Peleset. The Sherden had horned helmets and the Peleset had tall reed headdresses. Other tribes might also have worn those costumes. The Field of Glory army list says the Denyen and Tjekker also had the tall reed headdress.

Retinue could be from any tribe, most likely from the tribe of the general.

I’ve no idea why DBA classifies some warriors as Auxilia and the majority as Blade.

This list corresponds to the following Field of Glory army lists:

  • Sea Peoples 13th to 12th centuries BC (Swifter than Eagles)

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  1. Re DBA classification there are AX to allow difficult terrain activities for the army be they mountain-dwelling Qasqans or desert dwelling Libyans. It was discussed in the playtesting of DBMM on the Yahoo group.


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