DBA II/66 Early Vandal 200AD-442AD

The Vandals were a Germanic tribe that crossed the Rhine into Roman Gaul, helped with the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, settled in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) before crossing to Africa. They hung out with the Alans. DBA army list II/66 Early Vandal 200AD-442AD is the army before forming the African Kingdom. This post is part of my series on Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists.

II/66 Early Vandal 200AD-442AD/

Ag: 3


  • 1 x 3Kn (Gen) [Nobles]
  • 9 x 4Wb [Warriors]
  • 1 x 2Ps [Archers, Javelinmen]
    • or 2LH [Alans]
  • 1 x 2Ps [Archers, Javelinmen]


  • Why do the Vandals have more Warriors and less Nobles than other Germanic tribes in the same area?

This list corresponds to the following Field of Glory army lists:

  • Early Visigothic or Early Vandal (Legions Triumphant)

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