Dresden Files in Greater London, UK

The Dresden Files are a series of books by by Jim Butcher. They feature Chicago’s only listed Wizard Private Eye. There is now also a spin off TV series and a RPG. The Dresden Files RPG (DFRPG), like Fate RPG 3.0 itself, is by Evil Hat Productions.

These are some rough notes as I think about an urban fantasy campaign, along the lines of the Dresden Files, set in Greater London, UK.

Themes and Threats

In city creation DFRPG recommends agreeing themes and threats with the players. I thought I’d have a few in my back pocket.

Title Type Comment
Decaying grandeur Theme The tourists come for the grandeur and the residents have to cope with the decay
The whole world wants a piece Theme London attracts people from all over the world. For tourism, lifestyle or business.
No risk is too great for profit  Theme The people of the financial centre, known as the City or the Square Mile, are fairly rapacious. The government lets the finance guys in the City do anything they want, even in  

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