Encountering a Caravan in Legends of Al-Andalus

In Legends of Al-Andalus you might encounter the Caravan.

Talk the Talk with the Chief Caravan Guard

See Talk the Talk. The NPCs are Rep 4 for this encounter. Additional NPC reaction modifiers are:

  • +2d6 if you are hated enemy (e.g. a Bandit)
Reaction Table
Passed die difference Reaction
Swept of feet  
Ask a Favour  

Employment in the Mujahidun


Characters can join a Caravan by encountering a Chief Caravan Guard or Merchant and get a Swept off Feet result.


The outward bound Caravan routes are:

  • City Gate to Villages (Vega) to Port
  • City Gate to Villages (vega) to Sierra to Fort Caravaniserai to Sierra to Muslim Emirates
  • City Gate to Villages (vega) to Sierra to Fort Caravaniserai to Sierra to Christian Kingdoms

There are corresponding inward Caravan routes for each of the above.


Encounters while with a Caravan are determined by this process:

  1. No encounter this month (1-3) or encounter (4-6).
  2. Encounter enemy are Bandits (1-4), Muslim Army (5) or Christian Army (6)
  3. Encounter is: open battle (1-3), raid defender (4-5) or challenge (6)

A raid against Bandits means the unit must march to the Sierra. Against another state means the unit marches across the border into that state.


Caravan guards earn 2 x Rep in AP each month but are only paid at the end of the journey. You can keep any Loot & Booty collected.


You can leave any time you like but unless you stay to the end of the journey you’ll be unpaid.

Army List

Throw 2d6 on the recruitment table until you have a force of sufficient points.

Recruitment Table
2d6 Type Rep Armour Weapon Other Points
Automatic Chief Caravan Guard (W) 4 A/Sh Lance, Sword Horse 20
2-3 Heavy Cavalry (W) 4 A/Sh Lance, Sword Horse 20
4-6 Horse Archer (MM) 3 N Short Bow Horse 14
7-9 Spearman (W) 3 N/LSh  Spear Camel 14
10-12 Archer (M) 3 N Short Bow Camel 13

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