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Tonulli is my variant of Fate RPG for a Mesoamerican setting such as my pre-conquest setting called the Place of Reeds. I chose this name because Tonulli is the Nahuatl word for fate or destiny. Tonulli is also the word for daysign, i.e. a person’s birth sign; this is because the daysign was considered to determine the individual’s future.

Tonulli: Fate RPG in Mesoamerica

I love the history of the New World, both before and after the Spanish Conquest. I’m slowly working on a pre-conquest setting called the Place of Reeds. This section is about using Fate RPG 3.0 in a Mesoamerican setting; I’ve called this Fate RPG variant Tonulli. There are a lot of Fate 3.0 variants but Tonulli is primarily based on Free Fate with bits from Spirit of the Century.

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Design Notes for Tonulli – Fate RPG in Mesoamerica

Some rough notes on why I did what I did when designing Tonulli, i.e. Fate RPG for the New World.

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