Generic Order of Battle for Fuego Cruzado

Generic orders of battle for Fuego Cruzado – my variant of Crossfire for the Spanish Civil War.

Note, a Crossfire Platoon corresponds to a Section in a real Company of the Spanish Civil War. I’ve adopted the Crossfire terminology here to avoid confusion.

Generic Infantry Battalion

The Infantry generally had the following organisation.

Crossfire – Generic Infantry Battalion

  • 1 x BC
  • Battalion Heavy Weapons
    • 0 or 1 x Mortar and FO *
    • 1 Machinegun Company **
      • 4 x HMG
  • 4 x Infantry Company **
    • 1 x CC
    • Company Heavy Weapons
      • 0 or 1 x LMG ***
    • 3 x Rifle Platoons
      • 1 x PC
      • 3 x Rifle Squads

* Some battalions, notably Nationalist units later in the war, had a mortar assigned to the headquarters.

** The official organisation for an infantry battalion was four rifle companies and a machine gun company. Few ever achieved this organisation, and most real battalions dropped either a rifle company or the machine gun company.

*** Unlike their WWII counterparts Spanish Civil War Companies lacked integral heavy weapons. Normal companies of the period are assumed to have only one LMG per platoon; such “normal” companies don’t have a LMG stand. Certain units (the Foreign Legion, the International Brigades, Communist units, dismounted Cavalry, Assault Guards) are given a LMG stand at the company level to reflect the fact these units typically had a full complement of LMG (2 per platoon = 6 per company). This LMG stand operates like a HMG stand for all game purposes reflecting the high firepower of these units.

Generic Cavalry Regiment

Cavalry normally fought dismounted as infantry. When dismounted a Cavalry regiment has this organisation:

Crossfire – Generic Cavalry Regiment

  • 1 x BC
  • 1 x Machinegun Squadron
    • 2 x HMG
  • 4 x Sabre Squadrons
    • 1 x CC
    • Squadron Heavy Weapons
      • 1 x LMG *
    • 3 x Sabre Troop
      • 1 x PC
      • 2 x Rifle Squads

* Cavalry, like certain other types of unit, had a higher complement of light machine guns (three per troop). This is represented by a LMG stand at the company level; this stand operates like a HMG for all purposes once dismounted.

Support Units

All units, except Militia, can call upon elements of their higher level organisation, which typically means they have access to:

For both Republicans and Nationalists

  • HMG squad or even a whole company
  • Mortars (all off table with a FO on table)
    • 50 mm
    • 51 mm (2 inch)
    • 81 mm
  • Artillery (all off table with a FO on table)
    • Italian made 65 mm Infantry Guns
    • 70 mm Mountain Gun (the 70 mm Schneider M08 was the main Mountain gun in use before the war).
    • 75 mm Field Artillery (if on table it is optionally horse artillery; the 75 mm Schneider M06 Field gun was the main field artillery in use before the war – for both field and horse artillery)
    • 105 mm Field or Mountain Howitzer (the 105 mm Vickers M22 and the 105 mm Schneider M19 were most common instances before the war)
    • 122, 150, 152 and/or 155 mm Heavy Artillery
  • Anti-tank guns
    • Italian made 37/45
  • Tanks / Armoured Cars
    • Renault FT-17 (both machine gun only, and cannon equipped versions)
  • Engineers (but not Assault Engineers)

For Republicans only

  • Dinamiteros squads (max of 1 attached to any non-Dinamitros platoon) or complete Dinamiteros platoons.
  • Anti-tank rifles for rifle squads
  • Mortars (all off table with a FO on table)
    • 82 mm
  • Artillery
    • 45 mm Infantry Guns
    • 76.2 mm Field Guns
    • 107 mm Field Guns
  • Anti-tank guns
    • 37 mm
    • 45 mm
  • Tanks / Armoured Cars
    • BT-5
    • T-26
    • FAI Armoured Cars
    • BA6 Armoured Cars

For Nationalists only

  • Mortars (all off table with a FO on table)
    • 45 mm with Italian crews to support Italians only
    • 80 mm
  • Artillery
    • 65 mm Infantry Guns – with Italian crews?
  • Anti-tank guns
    • 37 mm PaK 35/36 with German crews
    • 88 mm Flak 18 with German crews
  • Tanks / Armoured Cars
    • Panzer I A and B – with either German or Spanish crews
    • CV-33 and CV-35 with Italian or Spanish crews
    • CV-33 Flame Thrower version
    • Autoblinda IZ Armoured Car
    • Captured T-26

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