Gifts and Faults for Fudge Bunnies

You might want to have vampire bunnies, super hero bunnies or bunnies in space but I’m interested in Fudge Bunnies of a more garden variety. But even garden bunnies need gifts and faults. I’ve made up a list as a starting point, making sure to include those Gifts and Faults mentioned in VG Fudge Bunnies or at least variants of them.

Bunny Scale when it comes to Gifts and Faults

Bunny Looking Harmless
Bunny Looking Harmless
The player characters are bunnies and there are pros and cons to playing a rabbit. Bunnies can see 360-Degrees. If this was a human game, or a dog game or some such, 360-Degree Vision would be a Gift. But in a bunny game this is an inherent ability and characters don’t have to pay for it. On the other hand non-bunnies that lack such inherent abilities might be awarded a fault.

Bunnies can also sprint very fast but they can only keep up the speed over a short distance. This limitation might be a fault in a human game but in a bunny game it just is. On the other hand some non-bunnies have good endurance and they would be awarded a gift, Endurance Runner, compared to bunnies.

Every rabbit is afraid of loud noises unless he buys the Unaffected by Loud Noises advantage. Make a Fright Check rules whenever a particularly loud noise happens, e.g. a gun goes off.

Bunnies also suffer from predator paralysis unless they have the gift of Combat Reflexes. Bunnies will freeze in combat situations when attacked by predators unless they make a Pluck roll in order to act.

In real life all bunnies are colour blind but in Fudge Bunnies they are not. Just makes life a bit easier.


Gifts are positive traits that don’t fit the Fudge ladder. Bunny player characters, like any other, get two Gifts at creation. They can purchase more Gifts by taking more Faults. You can have at most five Gifts.

Here is my starting list:

Gift Description
Ambidextrous You can use either paw interchangeably with no penalty
Acute Hearing* Your Notice Things skill is Superb for hearing anything but not for other senses.
Attractive You are physically attractive. +1 to social skills particularly against the opposite sex.
Beautiful Voice* You have a voice that people love to listen to. +1 to social skills related to persuasion and story telling.
Charisma You have personal magnetism, command respect and attract admiration. +1 to social skills related to persuasion.
Combat Reflexes* you are never surprised and generally take the appropriate course of physical action when confronted with unexpected situations. You get a +2 when determining the initiative in combat.
Concentration The character can focus and ignore distractions. +1 to skills that require time to perform. It also negates negative modifiers for being distracted.
Contacts in the (network) You have a strong network of contacts and can draw upon this network to get aid. The specific network is defined when the Gift is gained. Examples: King’s Court, Owsla, dark fringes of the warren, neutral animals near the warren. Make a situation roll once per attempt to find and request aid from an appropriate contact in the character’s network. The more aid the contact can offer the character the more difficult it is to them and solicit that aid.
Danger Sense* A sixth sense warns you of danger and suggests preventative action. +1 to Survival and associated perception skills (Notice Things, Nose). Also allows a situation roll to detect danger, when other characters would not get such a roll.
Empathy* You sense what others are feeling, even sometimes non-bunnies. Prerequisite for Empathic Healing.
Empathy (Other Species)* You have an affinity for non-bunnies, can sense their moods and rapidly form a bond with them. +1 to skills involving interaction with non-bunnies. Does not work with humans.
Excellent Reputation* Examples: Reputation as an excellent Storyteller, Herbalist, etc. +1 to social skills.
Good Memory for Messages* You can remember messages that you deliberately commit to memory.
High Pain Threshold* For whatever reason, whether natural resistance or strong will, you can ignore the effects of wound penalties.
High Status* You hold a position of importance within the warren. The specific reason for High Status must be defined when the Gift is gained. Examples are: King’s Messenger, King’s Scout, Owsla, Respected Seer. +1 to social skills in situations where that particular position is important.
Immunity to Intoxication Immune to the intoxicating effects of Wild Thyme, fermented berries, etc. Great for a night out with the guys in the herb patch.
Immunity to Enthralment Enthralment doesn’t work against the character
Looks harmless & scrawny* Enemies tend to ignore you, and a carnivore will go for others first, if available
Never Gets Lost* You have an unerring sense of direction.
Night Vision* ?? must check why a Rabbit needs this Gift given all of them have night vision in reality ??
Predator signals* You usually “just know” if a predator will attack or not. ~89% accurate: GM rolls 2dF in secret: success on any result except –2.
Rapid Healing You heal twice as fast as normal.
Tough Hide* 1 point Damage Resistance, i.e. -1 to damage inflicted
Time Sense You have a perfect sense of time, handy for coordinating actions without the benefit of clocks.
Unaffected by Loud Noises* Most bunnies have a Fear of Loud Noises. You don’t.

* One of the VG Fudge Bunnies has this Gift or a closely related one.


Faults are things that make life more difficult for a character. Most player characters, including bunnies, will take Faults at character creation to enable them to take more than the default number of Gifts.

Fault Description
A little Gullible*
Absent-Minded* You forget things easily, especially if distracted.
Aged You are old. Eventually this impacts Strength, Agility, Fitness and Speed. It also slows recovery from fatigue and damage.
Braggart You try to impress others by talking about yourself and your actions incessantly.
Callous You lack empathy for bunnies and non-bunnies alike.
Code of Honour* You adhere to a set of personal rules of behaviour that others don’t. Examples: avenge insults to self or warren; never use Bun Fu on a non-martial arts rabbit (okay vs. predators, of course).
Compulsive Behaviour You will engage in a certain behaviour even if it is detrimental. Examples: Addiction to Seer Flower*, Curious*, Gambling*, Lying, Making Promises, Swamp Exploring*. Make a Pluck roll to avoid temptation.
Duty to the Warren* You work for the warren in some capacity, so don’t have much choice if the authorities need you to do something.
Fear of You are extraordinarily scared of something. Something specific. Examples: Fear of Cats*, Snakes*, Fire*. You will avoid the object of your fear and if exposed to it will have to make a Pluck roll to be able to act in its presence. All Bunnies have Fear of Loud Noises*.
Impulsive* You act before you think so often underestimate the difficulty of situations. The GM will report difficulty levels as Fair for this character regardless of the real difficulty. Effectively you make the roll and then find out if you succeeded
Indecisive You freeze or dither when you need to make a decision. The more important the decision and the more pressure around the decision the more you dither.
Lame* One of your paws is disabled. Specify which paw, e.g left hind leg. Impacts movement (hind legs) and/or combat ability (front legs).
Lazy Sloth if your middle name. Why do anything when you can delegate or procrastinate.
Lechery Breed like rabbits. Say no more.
Low Pain Threshold* -1 if Scratched, -2 if Hurt, etc.
Maverick You’re an outcast and suffer in social situations where being in would help.
Obsessed You are going to achieve your goal and nothing and nobody is going to get in your way. You will set aside other activity to further your goal.
Overconfident* You confident to the point of foolhardiness. Brave to the point of stupidity. You believe you can do “it” by yourself – whatever it is – no matter the difficulty and without aid.
Pacifist* Cannot fight other Rabbits.
Proud* You are jealous of others receiving more praise than you.
Sense of Duty to the Warren (includes your Companions)* You are personally committed to the warren, it’s inhabitants and representatives (probably your companions). You’ll risk yourself to protect these.
Shy* You are uncomfortable around strangers and, in those situations, are quiet and withdrawn. You’ll suffer penalties in social situations where you are shy.
Sucker for a good story* -2 on defence against Enthralment.
Trickster* You must take risks to cheat an enemy. The trick has to be perilous because the excitement you crave if that of outwitting dangerous foes. Playing a practical joke on an innocent or harmless animal would be no fun at all.
Truthful* You are very uncomfortable telling a lie. Even if you manage to say the words it’ll be fairly obvious that you’ve lied.
Unattractive You ugly and suffer penalties in social situations, particularly with the opposite sex.
Usually a bit Nervous*
Will only fight in Self-Defence (or defence of companions)*

* One of the VG Fudge Bunnies has this Gift or something quite like it.

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