Alternative Chacabuco – A Lasalle Scenario

Table for Alternative Chacabuco - Lasalle : Necoechea - Francisco Erize - Banner

Francisco of Argentina and Texas has done some thinking about Lasalle for South American War of Independence. He calls the variant Necoechea after a renowned Argentine cavalry commander of the war. One of the first things Francisco tried was a variant of Chacabuco. I have fairly cheekily reproduced it here with minor edits to increase clarity. Note: this is not the same Alternative Chacabuco that John Fletcher published.

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War of Chilean Independence 1810-26

In the Chilean War of Independence the Patriots sought freedom from Royalist Spanish control. Local creoles fought on both sides of the conflict. The war started on 18 Sep 1810. Chile declared independence on 12 Feb 1818. The Patriots won the war on the mainland in 1821, but it wasn’t until 1826 that the Royalist troops were evicted from the Chiloé Archipelago. It took until 1844 for Spain to recognise Chilean independence.

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