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Converting from Liberators QPR to March Attack

I gave March Attack a go for Liberators when I fought Alternative Chacabuco. March Attack are a battalion level set of Napoleonic rules from Crusader Publishing. They appeal to me for a variety of reasons, not least because each unit is two stands, just like my big base armies.

But to do the refight I had to translate the orders of battle from Liberators QPR, the game I’ve used most for big battles in the Liberators period, to March Attack. The main issues are Troop Quality and Commander Ratings.

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Volley and Bayonet is Easy, Fun and Challenging


I asked my mate Roland why he likes Volley & Bayonet (V&B). The summary is:

If genius is defined as the ability to make the very complicated seem very simple then I am tempted to call V&B genius.

Roland then expanded on that. All the words are his. I’ve also dropped in some photos of Roland’s figures.

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Brigade Bases for Volley and Bayonet

Volley & Bayonet has big bases. Pretty much all troops are based on 3″ x 3″ bases; you can have any number of figures you want of any scale. I recently rebased my Peninsular War figures on big bases. I wanted to leave myself options so I effectively went for half size V&B bases. Each of my bases is 80mm wide by 40mm deep and . gets six cavalry or 12 infantry. Two of these, one behind the other, is a V&B brigade stand.

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Big Bases for the Peninsular War

I’ve decided to go for big bases for the Peninsular War. Couple of reasons for this.

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Steven’s Peninsular French Army

A few snaps of my French army for the Peninsular War. Nominally they are for my Albuera Project although I’ve not much to show for them just yet.

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Steven’s Peninsular British Army

A few snaps of my British army for the Peninsular War. Nominally they are for my Albuera Project although I’ve not much to show for them just yet.

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Peninsular War Painting Guide: British Foot

This covers all the infantry that wore British uniform, including:

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Albuera – A Shako Battle Report

James Falkus, Rich Wilcox, Chris Harrod and I wanted to try out Shako II. Because of my recent enthusiasm (Spanish Units at Albuera) I suggested the Albuera scenario from Fields of Glory (FOG). FOG is for Shako I and some aspects of the scenario bug me but nobody had the energy to make up a different scenario and we hoped it would be a good game anyway. It was!

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Spanish Order of Battle during the Peninsular War

The Spanish order of battle changed considerably during the Peninsular War. This was primarily because of the massive losses they incurred and that that recruitment was often in the hands of local authorities. These two factors meant that many new formations were created to fill the gaps torn by the French.

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British Orders of Battle During the Peninsular War

This covers all the British and their auxiliary troops serving in the Peninsular including:

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Orders of Battle from the Peninsular War

Various orders of battle for the Peninsular War

Spanish Units at the Battle of Albuera

I thought I’d write up everything I could find about the Spanish units that fought at Albuera (16 May 1811). It started out as a “how do I paint them?” exercise for my Albuera Project then moved into a “where else could I use those figures?” exercise. Mainly I was just conscious that I’ve lots of material and this gives me an excuse to publish some of it in a way that adds something (i.e. the Albuera context).

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Orders of Battle at the Battle of Albuera

The orders of battle were originally based on Smith (1998) – which I read first – and then the more detailed orders of battle in the specialist Albuera books by Oliver and Partridge (2007) and Dempsey (2008).

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Battle of Castalla – A Shako Scenario

Setting: Castalla, Spain; 12-13 Apr 1813

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Musings on Arty Conliffe’s Shako

I’ve collected together some interesting Shako I ideas from other people. I’ve reproduced them here mainly so I don’t have to go hunting for them again.

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