Historical Hordes of the Things (HOTT)

I like historical more than fantasy, but I also prefer the tongue in cheek style of HOTT over DBA, so my mate John lured me into the ways of Hordes of The Things.

Given my preference for history I thought I’d look at various armies I can field from my historical forces – aided where necessary by fantasy elements. In general I’ve used Hordes elements where ever possible to allow more flexibility for mixing in the fantasy elements, and ’cause I like them as a troop type.

Dark Age HOTT

Some friends and I did a HOTT campaign set in Britannia 600 campaign. Although most of us fielded historical armies that could have been from DBA some did field HOTT style fantastical elements.

Medieval HOTT

I’m keen on the Spanish Reconquista so I started my historical HOTT journey with army lists both the Muslims and Christians.

New World HOTT

For Spanish and Portuguese Conquests in the New World I’ve put together quite a lot of material on New World DBA so thought I’d also expand it slightly into New World HOTT

Liberators HOTT

Some of my Liberators games are using Liberators HOTT.

London Commuters HOTT

London Commuters is a tongue in cheek HOTT offering by Chris Harrod

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