HOTT Troop Types for New World DBA

These are HOTT ideas for my revised New World DBA. It is an easy step from a DBA variation to include fantasy elements from Hordes of the Things (HOTT).

Use the appropriate rules from HOTT, but you’ll have to adjust the cost of each element.

Element Type Cost (AP) Example Suggested
Base Size (mm)
No. Figures
Hero 16 Some notable warrior, Aztec Chosen Speaker, Mayan Hero Twins 40 x 40 1-4
Aerial Hero 24 Mayan Winged and feathered hero (Tekum Uman), Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor killer on a white horse) 40 x 40 1-4
Paladin 16 Santiago Matamoros (St James the Moor killer on a white horse), or any Knights from a Military Order (Santiago, Calatrava, etc) 40 x 40 1-4
Flyer 8 Winged Serpent, Angel, Giant Condor, Giant Vultures 40 x 40 1-4
Magician 16 Indian Priests or Shamans 40 x 40 1-4
Sneakers 12 Aztec Pochtecas merchant spies, Mayan “Road Weasel” scouts 40 x 40 1-4
Cleric 12 Christian Missionary; Indian sacred mummy or relic (the Inca put these on litters, but Aztecs just lugged them around on their backs) 40 x 40 1-4
Lurkers 4 Traitor turned assassin or Ambush parties e.g. Amazonian blowpipe men and Mayan hornet nest throwers, man-eating plants 40 x 40 1-4
Water Lurker 4 Bergantines, Galleys, Carracks and Caravels; Canoes; Giant Piranha; Jungle animals (Amazonian), Crocodiles or similar 40 x 40 1-4
Beasts 8 War dogs, Coyote pack 40 x 40 1-4
Behemoth 16 Spanish Mobile Tower, Relic Dinosaur (Amazonian), Giant Ground Sloth 40 x 40 1-4

The at-most-half-the-army-are-expensive-troops rule from HOTT still applies. Specifically at most 45 AP of stands can be of types that cost more than 10 AP (i.e. 11 AP or more, e.g. Lancers, Artillery, Heroes, Magicians, Clerics etc).

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