How to make and paint Wooden Buildings for 15mm Wargaming

In WW2 Russian architecture in villages and towns was characterized by log or plank construction with thatched or plank roofs. They were usually unpainted, but often had elaborately carved window and door frames. The churches were usually of a similar construction, but with the distinctive gilded onion dome. Some houses, particularly in the Ukraine, were plastered and whitewashed but still had the thatch roof.

I’ve a big collection of 15mm (1/100th) scale generic building sectors for Crossfire but I wanted something that:

  • looked better
  • was specific to the Eastern Front given that is where most of my games are situated.

This is the result. The “village” is a mix of homemade and commercial Wooden Houses – all with removable roofs. All painted by me.

Wooden-House-43 Mixed Village 3
Wooden-House-43 Mixed Village 3

I already had some commercially made 15mm (1/100th) scale wooden buildings – from the old Military Miniatures range crafted by Mark Strachan. (Note: Given Military Miniatures morphed into BattleFront I assume they still have the range – certainly a lot of the models appear in their photos – but they don’t seem to sell them at the moment.) Mark’s range is great, with only one defect from my perspective: the buildings are solid. For Crossfire it is much more convenient if you can put the stands inside the buildings, so I decided to see if I could make something that was compatible with Mark’s work, but with a removable roof.

These are the wooden Houses by Mark Strachan of Military Miniatures – all solid construction. All painted by Gordon Roach.

Wooden-House-75 Military Miniatures - Village
Wooden-House-75 Military Miniatures – Village


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