Inca versus Spanish – A New World DBA Battle Report by Chris Brantley

Chris Brantley of Fanaticus fame tried out the New World DBA rules and sent me a battle report.

I really enjoyed the introductory game against Jonathan Miller of Steven Thomas’s New World DBA. I won the terrain roll and put out minimal terrain. He had 18 elements of Inca with a hill in his backfield that became the command post for Sapa Inca on his litter. He spread his army out in two wide wings to try to envelop me.

I had 8 elements in total…my force was 2 lancers (one CnC), 1 wardog, 1 art, 2 arb (shooters) and 2 blades. I kept my artillery and shooters together, with blades to protect their flanks. That was my right wing. My center was the two lancers. My left was the lonely wardogs, held back on a refused wing. With only 8 elements (and we were on a 30 inch board) there was plenty of room between my three groups, which contributed to the feeling of imminent doom. 😉

My plan was to shoot up one wing while intimidating the other wing to stay back with the lancers.

As it turned out, he advanced on my infantry line fairly aggressively and left a single element up in the air. I couldn’t resist and charged it with Pizzaro at +4 to +2 and with a quick-kill. Alas, we tied, and the next bound, he swarmed around and killed Pizzaro. I had managed to shoot down one of his elements so the game continued. What saved me was that the Incas’s kept fleeing from my shooting. I had a blade element on the flank overlapped again and again but he just wouldn’t die. And he advanced his right flank too far ahead of his CnC, which prevented him from overlapping and killing my wardogs. Then my lancer hit them with some execution, despite overlaps. Eventually, I was able to kill the requisite number of elements and somehow managed to pull out the win despite fighting all day without a CnC.

Chris Brantley

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