Kamenets-Podosk – A Crossfire Scenario

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A Crossfire scenario based on an incident as Soviet T34/76s approached Kamenets-Podosk on 24 Mar 1944. The tanks were carrying tank riders – men of the 1st Motor Rifle Battalion, 49th Mechanized Brigade, 6th Guards Mechanized Corps, 4th Tank Army. In command of 2nd Platoon, 1st Company was a Junior Lieutenant Evgeni Bessonov – who subsequently wrote a book about his experiences as a tank rider.

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Mekensievy-Gory – Sharp shooting PAKs – A Crossfire Scenario

Table Mekensievy Gory

A Crossfire scenario that has, on 29 Dec 1941, Gottlob Bidermann defending Mekensievy-Gory with his 3.7cm PaK 35/36 and some very understrength infantry from 437th Infantry Regiment, 132nd Infantry Division. They are facing Russian infantry and light armour . It is based on an incident described in Bidermann (2000).

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Bessonov – Tank Rider “Mount the Tanks!”

Bessonov is one of many memoirs coming out of the former Soviet Union. Evgeni Bessonov was a young Russian officer in a Tank Rider unit during World War II. In two years of fighting he led his unit from the Orel Offensive (Aug 1943) to Berlin. Bessonov (2003) is his own account of those years. I found it one of the better memoirs. It is a good read and I enjoyed in insight into the life of tank rider.

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Krasny Bor Campaign: Phase 1 – Break the line

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Phase 1 of the Krasny Bor Campaign is the Soviet attempt to breakthrough the Spanish Front Line troops and get as many troops as possible into the Spanish rear for use in Phase 2. It starts at 08.00 hours and is fought on the Front tables.

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