Introduction to the Britannia 600 AD Campaign

I’ve always loved Britannia, the Avalon Hill board game, and it seemed an obvious setting for a DBA/HOTT style campaign. Rather than attempt to recreate the entire time span of the game (45-1085 AD) I thought I’d concentrate on a period that specifically interests me, 600-700 AD. That span of years corresponds to Turn 8 and 9 in the board game – hence Britannia 600 AD.

He glutted black ravens on the walls of the fort,
but he was no Arthur.

From the Welsh epic Y Gododdin

Britannia Map
Britannia Map

Timeline to set the scene

A.D. 584 . This year Ceawlin and Cutha fought with the Britons on the spot that is called Fretherne. There Cutha was slain. And Ceawlin took many towns, as well as immense booty and wealth. He then retreated to his own people.

A.D. 591 . This year there was a great slaughter of Britons at Wanborough; Ceawlin was driven from his kingdom, and Ceolric reigned six years.

A.D. 593 . This year died Ceawlin, and Cwichelm, and Cryda; and Ethelfrith succeeded to the kingdom of the Northumbrians.

A.D. 597 . This year began Ceolwulf to reign over the West-Saxons; and he constantly fought and conquered, either with the Angles, or the Welsh, or the Picts, or the Scots.

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The Campaign

This is DBA/HOTT campaign is for 2-6 players (7 at a stretch) and uses the map from Britannia. Like all such campaigns it is intended as a one day campaign, i.e. a bunch of chaps get together, run the campaign, fight the battles, celebrate the victory (or commiserate the defeat) all in one real day. All you need is the figures and the appropriate attitude.

You can play it as:

  • a straight DBA campaign with realistic troop types, or
  • a semi-serious campaign, i.e. a blend of realistic with fantastical elements under HOTT. The only reservation is that it must feel right, so the fantastical elements should be consistent with the mythology that was current at the time.

Armies are 12 elements for DBA or 24 AP for HOTT plus a camp/stronghold.

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