Moroccan Knives – A Crossfire Battle Report 3

Knives-304 Moroccans enter on right - Banner

Jamie and Adam played my Moroccan Knives scenario for Crossfire . However, rather than being set in the Spanish Civil War I transposed it to 1944 and the Italian Campaign. Really it was an excuse to get the Goumiers of my Moroccan Tabor on table.

Summary: Good tense game. Adam’s Goumier attacked strongly up both flanks using cover and the limited smoke available. They also probed in the centre to fix the Turcomen defenders. But the flank attacks stalled and Jamie took the victory.

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Steven’s Goumiers for Crossfire – A Moroccan Tabor in Italy

Goumier-001 Banner

I discovered Moroccan auxiliary troops through my interest in Rif War and the Spanish Civil War. I already have the 2nd Tabor of Regulares of Tetuán, from the SCW. Now I’ve got another Moroccan unit. This time they are Goumiers, irregular Moroccan auxiliaries fighting for France in Italy during World War 2. This lot are for Crossfire.

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Rommel Crosses the Meuse, Belgium – May 1940

In 2000 I was staying with friends at a place called Houx on the River Meuse. Houx has quite a distinctive weir across the river. At one point we ventured into the nearby town of Dinant. All of this was terribly familiar somehow but I couldn’t for the life of me remember why. I took some photos on the off chance and sent them to my friend Chris Harrod who I knew was interested in the Meuse Crossings.

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