2 Foot City – A Crossfire Scenario

Table 2 Foot City

It occurred to John Mclennan and I that you could pack a lot of buildings onto a 2′ x 2′ table so we set one up to have a look. We liked the end result so much we invented a Crossfire scenario for WW2 and played a game. This is the scenario, but there is also a battle report.

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Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo – A Crossfire Battle Report

John McLennan turned up, with his almost finished British, and wanted a bash. I didn’t have a prepared Crossfire scenario so we decided upon the Hit the Dirt scenario “Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo” (p. 19). The gist of the scenario is a Canadian company must try to identify the positions of a reduced company of entrenched Germans, without taking undue losses themselves.

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Spanish Involvement in World War II

Most people don’t realise that although officially neutral Spain had an active part in WW2 in the form of the Blue Division, otherwise known as the Spanish Volunteer Division, Division Azul, or by its official German title of the 250th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht. Individual Spaniards were also involved on both sides during WWII, often in quite large numbers. In a few cases these individuals were collected into units.

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