Joaquin Blake Wargaming Project for the Peninsular War

I wanted to build some Peninsular War Armies for Shako based on a historical Order of Battle. And to my way of thinking you can’t do the Peninsular justice without a Spanish army.

Joaquín Blake
y Joyes

I was thinking of doing an Albuera Project but hit upon a grander scheme of following one or two Generals through the Peninsular. For the Spanish Joaquín Blake y Joyes seems a good choice (Joaquín is sometimes called Joachim Blake in English). He was a strict, brave and able general with good organisational ability and a knowledge of his own limitations, but was rather militarily unlucky.

Blake’s History

This is mostly based on Wikipedia: Joaquin Blake.

Revolutionary Wars

In his youth, he saw action as a lieutenant of the grenadiers in the American Revolutionary
War, taking part in the abortive siege of Gibraltar and the 1783 reconquest of Minorca.

At the outbreak of war with France in 1793, Blake, a captain, took part in the invasion of
Rousillon under General Ricardos. He was wounded at San-Lorenzo-de-la-Muga in 1794.

Peninsular War

14 Jul 1808: Battle of Medina del Rio Seco [Spanish Orbat using Shako]

31 Oct 1808: Battle of Pan Corbo / Zornoza

5 Nov 1808: Battle of Valmaceda

10-11 Nov 1808: Battle of Espinosa de los Monteros

23 May 1809: Battle of Alcaniz

24 May-11 Dec 1809: Third siege of Gerona

14 Jun 1809: Blakes vanguard clashed with Suchet’s

15 Jun 1809: Battle of Maria

18 Jun 1809: Rout of Belchite

4 Nov 1810: Baza

6-12 May 1811: First Siege of Badajoz

16 May 1811: Battle of Albuera

25 Oct 1811: Battle of Saguntum

1-8 Jan 1812: Siege of Valencia


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