Kingdoms the Portuguese Encountered in Southwest Africa

Sometime 1482-83 the Portuguese navigator Diogo Cão became the first European to reach the kingdom of Kongo (Wikipedia: Kingdom of Kongo). The Portuguese had an active presence in the region until 1975.

Today the area covers three modern countries – the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and the Congo Republic. At the time of Portuguese expansion several kingdoms already existed in the area (Wikipedia: Precolonial History of Angola) although these coalesced into the Kingdom of Kongo and the Colony of Angola.

Kingdom Location Comment
Kongo Mouth of the River Congo. Through our period the Kingdom of Kongo fairly successfully resisted the Portuguese. However, Kingdom of Kongo was finally reduced to a small enclave in the north of Angola with king Pedro V in 1888 finally accepting to become a vassal of the Portuguese. The Portuguese abolished the kingdom after the revolt of the Kongolese in 1914.
Ndongo In the interior of Angola east of Luanda, in the highlands between the Kwanza and Lukala Rivers. Although Kongo claimed control of Ndongo as early as 1535 the latter was probably never under a firm Kongo administration. The Portuguese colony of Angola ultimately extinguished Ndongo as an independent nation.
Matamba Fought on into the 18th Century.
Kongo dia Nlaza East of Kongo
Nziko East of Kongo
Benguela On the front range of the Bihe Plateau
Songo South of Ndongo

Note: I assume Angola is based on the local word Ngola which was both a name and a title in Ndongo.

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