Kororareka – A DBA Scenario

Here is my Kororeka scenario for my DBA New Zealand Wars variant. I have assumed one element represents 20 men (rounded up to the next whole element), except the unarmed settlers where each represents 50 men, women and children. Some Naval Brigade and and Civic Guard are manning the gun batteries. Although there were four guns available I’ve lumped the three old cannon together as one battery.


Stylised map of Kororeka

Order of Battle

European wargames army Maori wargames army
4 elements of Naval Brigade
3 elements of the 96th
5 elements of armed settlers, ‘Civic Guard’
2 elements of artillery with Naval crew
1 element for H.M.S. Hazard
4 elements of unarmed settlers.
8 elements Ngapuhi
8 elements Ngatihine
8 elements Kapotai
18+1d6 elements split between the three hapu; with at least 6 elements in each.

Special rules

  • H.M.S Hazard counts as two artillery batteries off shore. Unlike other artillery the ship can move and shoot freely. The entire ship must fire at the same target.
  • The British suffer from surprise for 30 minutes after the first shots are fired. They have a -2 on their combat ability.
  • Random events are determined at the start of the British turn, and the effects are determined immediately.
Random event Effect Chance
Some armed settlers disperse to protect families. Permanently remove from play the element of Civic Guard closest to any element of unarmed settlers. 1/6 every 30 minutes
British Officer notices men smoking at Polack’s. The British officer whose men most recently shot or fought in melee visits Polack’s for ammunition. If more than one or none, randomly determine which one. He notices the settlers are smoking near the powder, otherwise no effect. 1/6 every 30 minutes
Ammunition at Polack’s explodes. If there are any settlers (armed or unarmed) in the stockade, the powder magazine explodes. Each and every element within Polack’s stockade is immediately attacked at a combat factor of 3. No tactical factors apply. 1/16 every 30 minutes
British officer incapacitated. If one of the British officers was shot at or within melee in the last bound, they are incapacitated, otherwise no effect. If more than one, randomly determine which one. For one hour the command continues to roll a PIP die, but takes the +1 for distant general. After the hour the command is absorbed by that of the next ranking officer, and no further PIP dice are rolled for it. 1/16 every 30 minutes

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