Steven’s 1818 Royalist Army on Big Bases

Liberators-928 Royalist 1818 Infante Don Carlos Regiment - Column - Banner

I have rebased my 1818 Royalists on big bases, so I took the opportunity to do a photo shoot including some units I’d not featured before. This is the army that won at the Battle of Cancha Rayada (19 March 1818) and lost to San Martin at the Battle of Maipo (5 April 1818). For those interest in the earlier armies I’ve also got the Royalist army for 1817.

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Steven’s 1817-18 Argentine Army on Big Bases

Liberators-674 Argentine 1817 7th Infantry Regiment - Banner

I have rebased my Argentine Army of the South American Wars of Liberation on Big Bases. All infantry and cavalry on 80mm x 40mm bases. 12 figures per infantry base; two bases to a battalion. 6 figures per cavalry base/squadron. Guns stayed on 40mm x 40mm bases; one gun per base.

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Patriot Cazadores a Caballo in the 1817-18 Chilean Campaign

Liberators-347 Chilean 1818 Caballeria Cazadores de la Escolta Directorial - Banner

The various sources are inconsistent about the Argentine and Chilean Cazadores a Caballo in the 1817-18 Chilean Campaign. In a discussion on the Liberators 1810-1830 Yahoo Discussion Forum, John Fletcher expressed the opinion that all references to Argentine Cazadores a Caballo and Escolta del General were in fact the Cazadores a Caballo de la Escolta del General. Similarly references to Chilean Cazadores a Caballo, Chilean Horse Cazadores or Chilean Escort Cazadores, are the Caballeria Cazadores de la Escolta Directorial. He recommended getting two squadrons of each unit for the Chilean campaign.

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