Linked Scenario Campaigns

I often write about linked scenario campaigns but haven’t actually said what I mean. Linked scenarios are exactly what they sound like – a series of pre-determined scenarios linked together to make a campaign.

As I mentioned in my post on What I like in a campaign / multi-player game I like a clear finish to a campaign. I think this maintains momentum. A linked scenario campaign does this.

The basic premise of a linked scenario campaign is that

  • A set of scenarios are pre-prepared
  • The result of one game indicates which scenario to play next

I’ve written about several linked scenario campaigns but I think the first one was 3 Round Kursk. The campaign map shows how the scenarios link together. In the Kursk campaign the scenarios were fairly abstract, e.g. The three types of scenario (Hasty Defence, Prepared Defence, Meeting Engagement) and three orders of battle (two Soviet and one German).

Campaign Structure

In contrast the scenarios in my 3 Round Tarnopol were very specific. There are five unique scenarios. Admittedly the scenario Battle Group Friebe appears three times on the map with two variations.

Campaign Map

By the way, you could play the scenarios in the Tarnopol campaign independently of the campaign.

Other examples of linked scenario campaigns:

I also think Arnhem would be a good candidate.

For some reason all these examples are for World War II.

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