List of Campaign Rules and Multi-Player Games

This is a list of the campaign rules (and one day multi-player games) scattered around my site.

Campaign Name Campaign Style Tactical Rules Description
Kursk 3 Round 3 Round Crossfire The Battle of Kursk in three easy steps
Tarnopol 3 Round 3 Round Crossfire Recreating significant events from the siege of Tarnopol in Mar/Apr 1944
DBM DBA DBM A largish, multi-player, Ancient/Medieval campaign. I’ve run this a couple of times: Europe 1100 AD and Europe 1455 AD. The mechanics of this one are fairly simple (based on DBA campaigns), but I now favour an even snappier campaign rules, and less people
Machiavelli Diplomacy Some campaign ideas taken from Chris Hassler’s Primer for Diplomacy Players on the game Machiavelli
Krasny Bor Linked scenarios Crossfire 10 Feb 1943: Elements of the Spanish Blue division try to hold of five Russian Divisions
Low Maintenance Low Maintenance Any A simple but effective method for running a campaign without a map, and ignoring all those pesky things that can bog a campaign down (politics, diplomacy, economics and logistics)
A Load of Gauls Matrix DBA A Matrix Game based on the Gallic Invasion of Italy 225 BC. In fact this is a great campaign which is let down by using DBA as the tactical rules. The lead up to the final battle was really exciting, but then the Gallic Warband just sliced through the Romans. Quite an anti-climax. Use some other tactical rules instead of DBA
Austerlitz Matrix Matrix Battle Resolution Austerlitz 1805 AD
Missing General Matrix Crossfire or Matrix Battle Resolution Eastern Front 1943.
Tarnopol Matrix Matrix Crossfire
Race for … X Crossfire Campaign Race for … X Crossfire Race for … X campaigns adapted to Crossfire.
Normandy , June ’44 Race for … X Crossfire This simulates both the fighting in the bocage in Normandy, June 1944, but also the competitive spirit prevailing between the American and British / Commonwealth forces fighting in Europe
Fall of Rome DBA A one-day DBA campaign for eight players
The Bagradas River DBM A Punic War campaign for two players and an umpire using DBM
DBR DBR An ECW/30 Yr War/80 Yr War campaign for two players and an umpire. Fairly high overhead in admin, but achievable because only aims at two players
Italian Wars DBR Set in the Italian Wars featuring mercenaries, faction in-fighting, bribery and corruption
No Mans Land Crossfire This is a skirmish level mini-campaign set in no-mans land on a fairly static front
Ebro Offensive Offensive Offensive Offensive are rules for a 3:1 offensive with 5 players attacking the umpire. This is the Jul 1939 Republican attack across the Ebro.
Britannia 600 AD DBA / HOTT DBA / HOTT A DBA / HOTT campaign starting in 600 AD and using the map from the board game Britannia
Firestorm Firestorm Crossfire Large historical campaigns using company sized forces
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire Notes on the board game of the same name with a view to running a Thirty Years War campaign.
Mapless HRE Mapless HRE How to use the HRE map in a “mapless” campaign.
DBA Camp DBA Camp DBA An entrenched army tries to stay supplied.
Alexander’s Solo Campaign Alexander’s Solo Campaign DBA Alexander plunges into the East in a solo bid to conquer the world.
Fall of Hispania FOG, DBA, or WM 409 AD and the barbarian hordes have entered Roman Hispania.

Other places to look

Some Ploys for Umpires running multi-player games.

Other people’s campaigns and/or multiplayer games

Glasgow Phoenix Wargaming: KISS Rommel (broken link

A operational set of rules recommended by Martin Rapier.

Kremlin Miniatures: Hurrah Stalino! (broken link

Martin Rapier says “looks a bit daft at first glance but is actually a damn good game, very subtle”.

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