London Commuters – A Modern HOTT Army List

An idea for an HOTT army by Chris Harrod. It reflects the fact that Chris and I commute by Tube in London.

Sneakers – Large Red Tube train, moves almost silently, restricted choice of direction of

Warband – Soccer Hooligans
Blades – Accountants in bowler hats armed with sharpened umbrellas
Hordes – British housewives in pink quilted housecoats and curlers
Spears – Harried shoppers leaving Homebase with unlikely, large, awkward, pointy objects (such as
clothes lines) that they have just purchased

Shooters – Small children armed with slingshots
Cleric – BBC news presenters, complete with desk, moralising on the subject of terror bombers

Magician – Prince Charles (modelled with enlarged ears), transforming Camilla Parker-Bowles into
an acceptable spouse for a monarch

Hero – Tony Blair hiding under a desk while a row of soldiers stand in front, brandishing rifles

Fliers – Boeing or Airbus painted in Easyjet or Ryanair colours, flying really low
Lurkers – Free newspaper hawkers (Alternatively: Paparazzi armed with cameras)
Water Lurkers – Policemen with aqualungs
Gods – Out of scale Victoria Bekham model wearing latest Milan fashion; or substitute any other

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