Ghosts as Blinds / Hidden Movement Markers for Wargaming

Some rule sets use a system of hidden movement markers to allow hidden movement without the aid of an umpire. These markers can represent both real and dummy troops – thus achieving some kind of fog of war. Different games have different names for these markers but examples are “Dummies”, “Blinds” and “PEF”.

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How to make and paint Wooden Buildings for 15mm Wargaming

Wooden-House-43 Mixed Village 3 - Banner

In WW2 Russian architecture in villages and towns was characterized by log or plank construction with thatched or plank roofs. They were usually unpainted, but often had elaborately carved window and door frames. The churches were usually of a similar construction, but with the distinctive gilded onion dome. Some houses, particularly in the Ukraine, were plastered and whitewashed but still had the thatch roof.

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