Making Wargaming Terrain: Gullies

I needed some Field of Glory Gullies and thought I’d try making them.

My gullies have the same wooden base as my Hardboard Terrain Templates but I’ve built them up so the depressions stand out. The higher areas were built up with 5mm foam board and wood putty. The whole feature stands about 9 mm tall. I Flocked with Flat Earth and Dry Brushing. To emphasise the walls of the depressions I dry brushed them less so they stayed a darker shade of brown relative to other areas.

The Long Gully was my first attempt. I was quite pleased with it but in hindsight the inner slopes didn’t have to exactly match the outer slopes.

12″ x 4″ Long Gully

The Mimimum gully came next. This is the gully I’m most pleased with. Looks interesting and somehow natural. I deliberately broke the relationship between the inner and outer slopes. In this case the depression is a kind of heart shape within the rectangular base dictated by the rules.

7″ x 4″ Minimum Gully

The last of the set was the 12″ Maximum Gully. I tried to model a series of branching gullies within the one terrain feature. Bear in mind that for game purposes the whole feature is considered part of the “depression”.

12″ Maximum Gully

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