Map of Key Locations during the Rif War by Jesús Dapena

Jesús Dapena shared his map of the key locations of the Rif War with me back in 2002. But the public has never seen it before. Since then Jesús has evolved the map further and now it is based on Google Maps. Map and words by Jesús.

Rif Places - Jesus Dapena
Rif Places – Jesus Dapena

Please tell me if you see any glaring errors, and I will look into them and make corrections as needed. It’s not easy to find the locations of many of the places for a variety of reasons. Here are some: (1) You find different versions of the name of each place, in Spanish, French and Arabic; (2) Google Earth is very skimpy in giving names to many of the places that show up in its satellite photos of Morocco; (3) many places are tiny villages or house groupings.

To find tough locations, I do a variety of things:

I look at web pages that talk about a given area (either Rif War web pages, or web pages of any other sort), and put that information together with Google Earth maps and other maps to find names of places in the vicinity that sound similar. For instance, Tifaruin is supposed to be “near the mouth of the river Kert” (22 Aug 1923), but it is not that close. According to one of a series of hand-drawn maps generously sent to me by José Alvarez, Tifaruin is almost directly south from Afrau.

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