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From 1337 to 1353 France and England fought for control of the French throne in what became known as the Hundred Years’ War. The war is commonly divided into three phases separated by truces: the Edwardian Era War (1337–1360), the Caroline War (1369–1389) and the Lancastrian War (1415–1453).

Although largely fought in France the Hundred Years’ War spelt over into the Iberian peninsular. The War of the Two Peters (1356-1375; Castile versus Aragon), the Castilian Civil War (1366-1369; King Pedro against his brother Henry of Trastámara), and the Portuguese Interregnum (1383-1385; resulting in the Aviz dynasty coming to power) were all fought within the context of the larger Anglo-French conflict.

Comparing IV 68 Medieval Spanish or Portuguese in DBA2.2 and DBA3.0

DBA3.0 Cover

I’m in the process of putting my Medieval Spanish or Portuguese onto Big Bases. since I want to use them for Big Base DBA I thought I’d have a look at the army list in DBA 3.0. Well, it is different to that is DBA2.2, so I thought I’d do a side by side comparison.

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Army Lists for Warmaster Historical

I thought I’d list all the Warmaster Historical (Ancients and Medieval) army lists with a view to seeing what I’ve got.

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Reconquista Timeline: Christian Resurgence 1250 – 1492

By 1250 the Reconquista was in full swing and in 1492 the Christians captured Granda, the last of the Muslim enclaves.

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Military Equipment of the Reconquista and Hundred Years War

A quick look at key bits of kit.

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Order of Battle for Specific Battles of the Reconquista

Orders of Battle for various battles within the Reconquista.

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Castilian Order of the Sash

From Barber (1978) pg 87-89.

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Wars of Spain and Portugal

My specialty is ‘Luso-Spanish’ Military History, that is, the wars of Spain and Portugal or, put another way, Iberian Wars. This specialty has pros and cons. The pros are that it covers a lot of history and I have an excuse to buy armies from some fascinating conflicts. The cons are exactly the same as the pros.

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