Mekensievy-Gory – Crossfire Participation Game at Salute 2012

Martin Groat and group chose my Mekensievy-Gory Scenario to use as a Crossfire participation game at Salute 2012.

We (being a loose association of Crossfire Gamers) in East Grinstead Sussex are intending to run 2 participation games on a table at Salute 2012. We are already booked in – having run a CF participation game there 2 years ago-and want to set up 2 1 metre by 1 metre boards.

We already have a bocage game scenario of our own design well on it’s way to completion but were looking for a scenario to work with on the 2nd game. Having got a fair amount of Russians and Germans I had a look at your scenarios on the Crossfire section of your website.My attention was caught by the Mekensievy-Gory scenario and having thought about it I think we can use it as a springboard to turn it into a participation game. <snip>

We may well alter the victory conditions to tie players to a strict time limit but I will have a better feel for this when we have given the game a couple of runs. When we last did a participation game we used chess clocks running to 30 mins-which worked very successfully. We have also talked about tweaking the forces and moving it forward to 43/44-although acknowledging the original account and game idea. However, that is also only an idea at this point.

I’ve already posted a battle report that Martin sent through. This was one of the dry runs in preparation for the big day. I think that in conversation Martin mentioned that they played the game seven times before Salute.

Martin said of the actual day at Salute:

Thanks for dropping in and seeing us. All in all a great day and plenty of customers. It is frustrating the rules are hard to get hold of. It’s interesting how many have heard of the rules-even though they haven’t played them-so the reputation is out there-even if the rules aren’t

I must say I was very impressed by the table. It was very rich. Small – it was only 1×1 metre rather than 4′ x 4′ – but very impressive. After the show Martin sent through some photos of the table.

Railway embankment

Culvert under the railway line

Village and fields

Railway embankment

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