Moroccan Knives – A Crossfire Battle Report

Moroccan Knives Table

Andrew Coleby and I tried out my Moroccan Knives scenario set in the Spanish Civil War. Andrew wanted to try a Spanish Civil scenario for Crossfire and I wanted to experiment with a small table and lots of terrain; like the 2 Foot City but in the countryside. We only get a couple of hours to play when Andrew comes over so the game had to be small. All this meant we had small companies facing each other on a 4’x3′ table covered in woods features. It turned out to be a good little game.

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92nd Naval in Stalingrad – A Crossfire Battle Report

92nd Naval Table

Four of us had a go at my Crossfire scenario 92nd Naval in Stalingrad. The essence is that a German battalion is trying to push through the centre of Stalingrad to the Volga. In their way are the newly off the boat men of the 92nd Naval Infantry Brigade. Being a urban battle it has similarities with 2 Foot City and Tarnopol: SU-152s Up Close and Personal. We used Planned Operational Zones for the multi-player aspect.

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2 Foot City – A Crossfire Battle Report

John Mclennan and I often play DBA on a 2′ by 2′ cloth. One evening we were discussing how many Crossfire building sectors would fit on such a table, so we tried it. As it happens the particular layout we used had 35 building sectors (of various heights). That seems enough for a company a side, hence after a brief discussion about a scenario, we set to. As usual I was the Russians and John the Germans.

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Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo – A Crossfire Battle Report

John McLennan turned up, with his almost finished British, and wanted a bash. I didn’t have a prepared Crossfire scenario so we decided upon the Hit the Dirt scenario “Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo” (p. 19). The gist of the scenario is a Canadian company must try to identify the positions of a reduced company of entrenched Germans, without taking undue losses themselves.

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Mekensievy-Gory – A Crossfire Battle Report

John Mclennan and I tried out my Mekensievy-Gory Scenario. I was the attacking Russians and John the defending Germans. We both had a company of infantry. I had a small pack of supporting light tanks and John had a Panzer III and a couple of 3.7 cm Pak 36 anti-tank guns. (John should have had a Stug D or E, but I don’t have any models so we substituted something that was appropriate for the period.)

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