Triangular Buildings for Diagonal Streets on a Wargaming Table

Crossfire Generic Buildings 65 Triangular Block 3x3

A while ago I played a Crossfire game called 2 Foot City. It was fought on a 2’x2′ cityscape. Since then I’ve played a few more games in heavily built up areas and they have all been on an assumed square grid. The trouble with a square grid is you only get streets that exactly fit the grid, i.e. vertical or horizontal, with no diagonals. Lately I’ve been wondering how to superimpose diagonal streets on my urban grid.

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Building a Painting Block (24 Stand)

I’ve always made do when it comes to what to stick my figures to when I paint them. I’ve tried gluing them to lollipop sticks, but eventually moved to blu-tac on cardboard squares. Then John Mclennan gave me a nicely constructed painting block made by his mate in Perth. It is (almost) perfect. So convenient. So tidy. The dowel was just the right size to fit figures and to hold comfortably. I love it.

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Ghosts as Blinds / Hidden Movement Markers for Wargaming

Some rule sets use a system of hidden movement markers to allow hidden movement without the aid of an umpire. These markers can represent both real and dummy troops – thus achieving some kind of fog of war. Different games have different names for these markers but examples are “Dummies”, “Blinds” and “PEF”.

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