Moral and Training of WWII Paratroopers in Crossfire

Tim Marshall gives paratroopers “German” Command and Control and good officers. But the troop quality can be Veteran, Regular or even Green.

Excerpt from Tim Marshall published in the Crossfire-WWII discussion forum.

The way I do paras is not so much veterans, but I give them German C&C characteristics. This makes sense when you think about it (I also give most late war Germans US/British C&C and for volksstrum, I give em Soviet C&C). I think with the German C&C and really good officers (most of my para PCs will be +2 and I even give the battalion CO a +3) you can then vary the green/regular/veteran. From my reading on US paras, mainly General Gavin’s memoirs, I give the above characteristics and for Sicily I make them green, Normandy, regular (many of the Germans they fought would be classified as green at that time) and by Market Garden, veteran.

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