Necoechea – Lasalle for Liberators / South American War of Independence

Francisco Erize did some thinking about Lasalle for South American Wars of Independence. He called the result “Necoechea” after Mariano Necochea, an Argentinean general of the wars. The words are Francisco’s.

Ok, so here is what I had. it has two army builders that I did for Lasalle. I balanced them roughly with a point system that the player community had created for Lasalle, so I think they should provide some balanced games.

I did it roughly based on the 1818 armies and came up with an idea of a main division and you can play with one two or three support “divisions”. Each one has pros and cons including that the commanders have different odds for tactics and vigor..

I haven’t updated this much since last time I ran Maipu. In this latest version I did one change. I improved the quality of the Lanceros del Rey since after some research we did with John Fletcher we decided that they should probably have good enough quality so as to consider them Lancers… many other units had lancers but probably just because of being an easy weapon to get rather than due to proficiency, and also because I wanted to give another variant to the royalist cavalry.. plus it is a pretty unit if you paint them with the white jackets.

I didn’t do any modifications to the rules, I try to keep those to a minimum so that our club players feel comfortable with the rules they know. The only thing I change is the army commander.. I treat him more like a command post, with little movement capabilities, maybe 4 BW per turn, don’t remember, and also limited command range, only about 4 BW as well.. This is to prevent the army commander acting like an “Alexander” leading a group of units which might not work for battles like Maipu…

I think it should provide for fun games..

First the Patriots …

Patriot Army ( 1818 )
Army Builder

  • Attack + 1
  • Las Heras’ Division
    • 1 Andes Infantry (+)
    • 2 Chilean Infantry
    • 1 Cazadores de los Andes
    • 1 Cazadores a Caballo
    • 1 Foot Battery

    • 1 Cazadores de Coquimbo
    • 1 Chilean Infantry
    • extra commander Alvarado
  • Reserve Options

    • Zapiola’s Brigade
      • 2 Granaderos a Caballo
      • 1 Andes Infatntry
      • 1 light horse Battery
    • Freire’s Brigade
      • 2 Cazadores a Caballo
      • 1 Chilean Infantry
      • 1 Andes Infantry
      • 1 light Foot Battery
    • O’Higgins Brigade
      • 1 Andes Infantry (+)
      • 1 Chilean Infantry
      • 1 Foot Battery
  • Troop values

  • Andes Infantry reliable/experienced/sk1
  • Chilean infantry reliable/amateur/sk1
  • Cazadores de los Andes reliable/experienced/sk2
  • Cazadores de coquimbo reliable/amateur/sk2
  • Granaderos a Caballo valiant/experienced/shock
  • Cazadores a Caballo reliable/experienced/pursuit
  • Light Battery foot / light / 2+1
  • Light Horse Battery horse / light / 2
  • Foot Battery foot / med / 3

And for the Royalists

Royalist Army ( 1818 )
Army Builder

  • Defend +2
  • Ordonez’ Division
    • 1 conscript fusiliers (+)
    • 1 vetaran fusiliers (+)
    • 1 converged granaderos
    • 1 converged cazadores
    • 1 Light Dragoons or Lanceros del Rey
    • 1 Foot Battery

    • 1 vetaran infnatry (+)
    • extra commander Morla
  • Reserve Options

    • Primo de Rivera’s Brigade
      • 1 Frontier Dragoons
      • 1 veteran fusiliers
      • 1 elite fusiliers (+)
      • 1 Light Horse Battery
    • Morgado’s Brigade
      • 1 Carabineros (+)
      • 2 Veteran Infantry
      • 1 light foot battery
    • Beza’s Brigade
      • 1 Veteran infantry (+)
      • 1 Conscript Infantry
      • 1 Foot battery
  • Troop values

  • conscript fusiliers reliable/amateur/sk0
  • veteran fusiliers relaible/experienced/sk0
  • elite fusiliers valiant/experienced/sk0
  • conscript infantry reliable/amateur/sk1
  • veteran infantry reliable/experienced/sk1
  • converged cazadores reliable/experienced/sk2
  • converged grenadiers valiant/experienced/sk0
  • Frontier Dragoons reliable/experienced/shock
  • Hussars or Lt Dragoons reliable/amateur/pursuit
  • Carabineros shaky/amateur/pursuit
  • Lanceros del Rey reliable/experinced/lancers
  • Light Battery foot/light/ 2+1
  • Light Horse Battery horse/light/2
  • Foot Battery foot/med/3

5 thoughts on “Necoechea – Lasalle for Liberators / South American War of Independence”

  1. tendre que probarlo, ya que compre el reglamento para utilizarlo en las batallas de américa del sur.
    En la revista wargames salio un articulo publicado sobre lasalle para las guerras carlistas que me parecio interesante pra aplicar en el que los escuadrones de caballeria pueden ser de una solo base y cargar hasta el final dado su buena calidad.
    Saludos desde Argentina


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