Nikolas Lloyd on Campaign Rules and Group Morale in Crossfire

Some musing by Nikolas Lloyd on Campaign Rules and Group Morale in Crossfire. Shared on the Crossfire-WWII discussion forum.

Scenario design can take the place of morale rules. You win if you achieve Objective Alpha with fewer than X casualties. Someone posted a morale system to the Spearhead list ages ago, which i have since tinkered with. I should one day get round to sticking it on my website, but until then, here’s a summary:

Count all the stands each side has, and add this number to 100. Each side has this starting morale. Both sides attack the table, trying to take the central objective. Each time a unit is destroyed, take a certain number of points off the starting morale. Example values: tank 10, officer 8, stand 5. The exact values will depend on the scenario. Some troops might be more dismayed at certain losses than others. Green troops might lose more morale than veteran when their officers’s die etc.

When the morale score of one side goes under 100, it roll 1d100. If it rolls under its current score, it is fine. Next time it loses a unit, it rolls under the new score. When eventually it fails, all its units pull back off the table, and the other side occupies the whole table as it wishes. End of part one.

Part Two:

The losing side rolls for every stand it lost, with some score denoting that it gets that stand back. This represents rounded up routers, and re-enforcements. The likelihood is that the losing side now has more stands than the winning side. The winning side, though out-numbered, has the advantage of defence. The losing side now attacks the table again, and follows the same procedure.

One side wins part one, other wins part two: draw, or minor victory to the side with the higher end morale score. One side wins both fights: decisive victory (took objective AND held it).

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