Orders of Battle for the Portuguese Colonial War

During the Colonial War Portugal faced 27,000 insurgents spread across three theatres (Cann, 1997; and see my Protagonists of the Portuguese Colonial War section). The insurgents represented a wide range of, and often conflicting, liberation movements. I’ve only listed those that had armed forces in the field. Generally they fought in small groups; a force of 200 insurgents gathered in one place was rare.

Protagonist’s Order of Battle Country Fought
Portuguese All MPLA, UPA / FNLA / GRAE, UNITA 
UPA / FNLA / GRAE Angola Portuguese, MPLA
MPLA Angola Portuguese, UPA / FNLA / GRAE, UNITA
UNITA Angola Portuguese, MPLA
PAIGC Guinea Bissau Portuguese
FRELIMO Mozambique Portuguese

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