Oriamendi East – A Shako Scenario

Boina is the name I’ve given my Shako variant for the First Carlist War. This is a Boina scenario for the eastern part of the Battle of Oriameni (or Battle of Hernani) 16 Mar 1837.

Historical Situation

Setting: Hernani, Biscay, Spain; 16 Mar 1837

From 10-17 Mar 1837 the Cristinos attempted a grand three-pronged attack on the Carlist Army of the North. The British general De Lacy Evans advanced from the fortress of San Sebastián, Espartero from Bilbao, and Saarsfield from Vitoria. The Anglo-Spanish of De Lacy Evans were the only force which pushed their advance with determination. On 10 Mar Evans crossed onto the right bank of the Urumea River by a bridge of boats, and took the Carlist trenches and barricades on the hills of Ametzagaña (about 3km from San Sebastián) and those in front of the nearby position of Alza. In pouring rain on 12 Mar Evans ferried Chichester’s Brigade across the Urumea to capture the ruined village of Loyola. On 13 Mar British sappers and miners built a second bridge of boats across the Urumea, thus securing the British communications. Evans ferried his forces across, less a battery on Ametzagaña, and one and a half battalions split between Ametzagaña and Passajes. Heavy rain prevented further advances over the next two days. On 15 Mar Evans attacked the Oriamendi Ridge. By evening the Anglo-Spanish force was in possession and looked over the town of Hernani. On the morning of 16 Mar the British force was dispersed and their brigades intermingled, having failed to reorganise after the previous days battle. Nonetheless, success looked assured against the numerically inferior Carlists.

This scenario just focuses on the action on the eastern flank between Oriamendi Hill and Hernani.

See also my separate Oriamendi Scenario, the account of the historical Historical Battle and the historical Orbat for Oriamendi.


Map produced in CC2

This scenario just focuses on the action on the eastern flank between Oriamendi Hill and Hernani. The Oriamendi Ridge was steep and craggy with bushes for cover.

The map is for my dining room table, i.e. 50″ x 30″. Map scale is nominally 600 m to 12″ on the table.

Key features are:

  • The town of Hernani – four sectors.
  • A redoubt: Fuerte O’Donnell on Oriamendi Hill
  • The entire area covered by Oriamendi Ridge, including Bertizaran and Oriamendi Hill.
  • The River Urumea is only fordable at the marked ford.

Cristino Player


The Anglo-Spanish force is trying to take Hernani town and destroy the Carlist forces.

Forces Available

Lieutenant-General George De Lacy Evans (Army General)

Chichester’s Brigade (Brigadier Chichester; British)

2 x Regular Battalions (1st and 4th British Auxiliary Legion)
1 x Light Infantry Battalion (Rifles, British Auxiliary Legion) – can be deployed formed or as
1 x Skirmishers (British Auxiliary Legion)
1 x Rocket Troop (British Auxiliary Legion)
1 x Mountain Gun Battery (British Auxiliary Legion)

Vanguard Division (Brigadier Rendón; Spanish)

3 x Regular Battalions (Spanish, nominally 4th, 14th and 19th
Line Regiments)
2 x Second Rate Battalions (Spanish (nominally Jaen and Oviedo Provincial Regiments)
1 x Skirmishers (Spanish)

Godfrey’s Brigade (Brigadier Godfrey; British)

2 x Regular Battalions (6th and 7th British Auxiliary Legion)
1 x Elite Light Battalion (Chapelgorris) – can be deployed formed or as Skirmishers
1 x Skirmishers (British Auxiliary Legion)


Both Chichester and Rendón have two deployment zones. Chichester’s units must be divided evenly between both of his two deployment zones (within one unit). Similarly for Rendón.



Carlist General

Carlist Player


The Carlists are trying to hold Hernani town, push the Cristino forces off Oriamendi Ridge, and inflict as many casualties as possible.

Forces Available

Infante Don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón (Army General).

Colonel Alzá

3 x Regular Battalions (4th, 7th and 8th Guipúzcoa)
2 x foot batteries (9 pdrs) with Limbers

Brigadier de las Vacas

1 x Skirmishers (Navarra)
2 x Regular Battalions (1st Navarra, 1st Castilla)


The Carlist Player must write initial orders for his off table brigades before deployment. All off-table brigades have the option to arrive on the baseline (T1 or T2), but at most two may Flank March (Shallow on T3+ or Deep on T4+). The Army Gun must be attached to a Brigade for arrival on table, but after that operates as a normal Army Gun.

Army Gun

1 x battery of mountain guns (4 pdrs)

Teniente General Villareal (2nd-in-command)

1 x Guards Battalion (Granaderos del Ejército)
1 x Elite Light Battalion (Guías de Navarra) – can be deployed formed or as Skirmishers
1 x Regular Battalion (1st Alava)
1 x General Cavalry (Navarrese Lancers)

Brigadier Iturriza

1 x Skirmishers (Guipúzcoa)
1 x Elite Battalion (6th Guipúzcoa)
2 x Regular Battalions (2nd and 3rd Guipúzcoa)

Brigadier Sopelana

1 x Skirmishers (Alava)
3 x Regular Battalions (2nd, 3rd and 4th Alava)

Victory Conditions

The battle is a draw unless either side achieves one of the following victory conditions:

Level of Victory Cristino Victory Carlist Victory
Victory 2+ Carlist Brigades Broken and
1 Cristino Brigades Broken and
Carlists hold Hernani town
2+ Cristino Brigades Broken and
1 Carlist Brigades and
Cristinos hold Fuerte O’Donnell
Glorious Victory 2+ Carlist Brigades Broken and
no Cristino Brigades Broken or

2+ Carlist Brigades Broken and
at most 1 Cristino Brigade broken and
Cristinos hold Hernani town

2+ Cristino Brigades Broken and
no Carlist Brigades Broken or

2+ Cristino Brigades Broken and
at most 1 Carlist Brigades broken and
Carlists hold Fuerte O’Donnell

Game Length

12 turns or use the variable game length rules.

Scenario Special Rules


The key event was the flanking movement Don Sebastián ordered in the east. Six Carlist battalions from Iturriza’s and Sopelana’s brigades advanced up the east bank of the River Urumea and crossed the Astigarrage bridge behind the Cristino left.

The Carlist’s historical deployment for the entire battle, not just the eastern portion, was:

Location Brigade Boina/Shako Deployment Orders for Reinforcements
East Iturriza’s Brigade (Astigarrage bridge) Deep Flank March (T4+)
Sopelana’s Brigade (Astigarrage bridge) Deep Flank March (T4+)
Villareal’s Brigade Baseline (T1 or T2)
Centre Artillery in redoubts (Hernani)
Alzá’s Brigade
De las Vacas’s Brigade
West Goiri’s Brigade
Iturriaga’s Brigade
Qúilez’s Brigade Baseline (T1 or T2)

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