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Rapid Fire is a brigade level set of rules for World War II. I don’t play Rapid Fire but I am interested in using Rapid Fire scenarios for large scale Crossfire games.

Wargaming Rules for WW2

There are lots of wargaming rules for World War 2. These are the ones I play: Crossfire, Megablitz, Rapier Offensive and Engle Matrix Games. One day I might write up my thoughts on the competitors, of which there are many.

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Converting from other Game Systems to Crossfire

Some musing on Converting from other Game Systems to Crossfire. There are a lot of WW2 game systems out there and many come with interesting scenarios. Here are my thoughts on how to convert from some games systems to Crossfire to expand my range of Crossfire Scenarios:

Operation “Link Up” – A Multiplayer Crossfire Scenario

Table Link Up Scenario

Operation “Link Up” is a fictional Crossfire scenario set in late summer 1944. It is based on Bennett’s (2003) what-if Rapid Fire scenario called “Operation Comet”. I converted it from Rapid Fire to Crossfire and tweaked. There are three players per side. You might also want to check out my other Rhine Crossing scenarios.

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Rhine Crossing ala Rapid Fire – A Crossfire Scenario

Table Rhine Crossing

This Crossfire scenario is based on the Rhine Crossing scenario by Durston (1996) although I converted it from Rapid Fire to Crossfire. Since then I have discovered serious historical flaws in the scenario. It might work as a game but the historical bugs annoyed me so I started playing with a couple of alternatives:

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Aircraft and Air Superiority in Crossfire

Some musing on Aircraft and Air Superiority in Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover this. I borrowed the main idea from the official Crossfire site tweaked and added some mechanisms from Rapid Fire.

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Variable Morale for Soviets in Crossfire

An idea from Rapid Fire. It gives soviet battalions a random quality attribute.

Converting Rapid Fire to Crossfire

There are quite a few Rapid Fire scenarios out there and I find them quite useful starting points for making Crossfire scenarios. Rapid Fire is a higher level of abstraction (Brigade or Regiment) than normal Crossfire games (Company to Battalion) so the games produced will be large in Crossfire terms. This is fine for the bunch of guys I play with but won’t appeal to those of you more interested in Company level actions.

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