Overview of the South American Wars of Liberation

During the period 1810 – 1824, the Spanish colonies were wracked by revolution. Argentina kicked off first (1810) and was independent by 1816. Chile followed suit (1810-1818), then Peru (1810-1824). By 1824 Mexico and all the South American Colonies were independent.

The Portuguese had their own problems and Brazil was independent by 1825.

Years War
1810-1816 Argentinean War of Independence

  • 1810-11 First Campaign of Upper Peru
  • 1812-13 Second Campaign of Upper Peru
  • 1815 Third Campaign of Upper Peru
  • 1815-16 The Gaucho War

At the time Argentina was the main component of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. This viceroyalty also included Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia (Upper or Alto Peru), portions of Brazil and southern Chile.

1810-1818 Chilean War of Independence

The Captaincy-General of Chile stretched covered only the central part of the modern country, from Antofagasta in the north to Chiloe Island in the south.

1810-1824 Peruvian War of Independence

  • 1820-23 San Martin’s Campaign in Peru

As mentioned above, Upper Peru is modern Bolivia and was part of Rio de la Plata.

1810-1823 Mexican War of Independence
1811-1822 Columbian War of Independence

  • 1813-14 The ‘Admirable’ Campaign
  • 1817-21 Bolivar’s Campaigns

Note: Gran Columbia included modern Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela.

1822-1825 Brazilian War of Independence


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