Painting the windscreen of a wrecked Portuguese staff car

I got a Destroyed Mercedes model from Peter Pig. Don’t ask me why. It seemed cool I guess. So while I was painting my reconnaissance vehicles, I thought I’d paint this baby too. As a wrecked Portuguese staff car for the Portuguese Colonial War.

The Model

The model is 36. Destroyed Mercedes (resin) from the Peter Pig AK47 Range.

Paint the car

I followed the instructions for Painting Recce Vehicles for the Portuguese Colonial War. but there was one thing I didn’t know how to do … paint the wind screen.

Easy way to paint windscreens on 15mm vehicles

A bit of google time and I came up with this approach. My daughter says it looks “cartoonish” but that is high praise for me.

1. Paint windows black
2. Paint a layer of dark blue e.g. Vallejo (51) 70.965 Prussian Blue
3. (Optional) Highlight towards the top of the screen to give an illusion of clouds with slightly lighter blue
4. Carefully paint diagonal lines with a still lighter blue i.e. Vallejo (65) 70.841 Andrea Blue

The diagonal lines give an impression that light is reflecting from them from some mysterious, unknown light source.

Other options

Other colours are possible. For example, for the dark blue Lumpy’s Guide to Painting Windscreens suggested using FWP400 Infantry Blue i.e. Vallejo (53) 70.930 Dark Blue. And then that mixed with white for the lighter shade.

I started out by going for a blue-black option. So my base coat was Vallejo (050) 70.899 Dark Prussian. But I found it too dark on table.

Portuguese 710 - Convoy passes wrecked staff car
Portuguese 710 – Convoy passes wrecked staff car

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