Paper Figures for the Portuguese Colonial War

I was delighted to discover that a whole series of paper soldiers for the Portuguese Colonial War have appeared on Junior General.

I welcome this addition to Junior General as it gives an easy point of entry for people who don’t want to invest heavily in this period.

Just as a sample here are the figures for a Portuguese Caçadores:

Paper Caçadores Combat Group
Paper Caçadores Combat Group

I also appreciate there are pictures of Berliet Tramagal 4 trucks – which are very hard to find.

Berliet Tramagal 4
Berliet Tramagal 4

Check out full range on this thread: Junior General: Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1974)

4 thoughts on “Paper Figures for the Portuguese Colonial War”

  1. I suggest a game: You have your entire army made with these figures and give me one guy with a flamethrower! :>}

    • Ouch. I suspect your flame thrower would have a similar effect on my lead armies for the Portuguese Colonial War.

  2. First of all I would like to say that your site is for me a big reference for historical wargames, so let me congratulate for that. Although it is the first time that I post a comment, I lurk around the site for some years.

    I think 2D paper soldiers are sometimes matter of love or hate. Obviously they can’t have the same quality of well painted plastic or metal miniatures, but let us not burn them all with a flamethrower, or drown them in the bathtub.

    For me JG paper soldiers have the advantage that can be easily assembled, recoloured and transformed in an easy and not expensive way, almost like a LEGO toy. Besides we can have the armies that we want, doesn’t matter how much exotic and rare they are… we just can draw them. That is why they can become an interesting hobby.

    And that is why I see with much pleasure the reference to these sets here in your site. Thank you!

    I just would like to say that the link that you provided to the forum is good to see the development and discussion of the sets, but maybe is not the best to see the “final” products.

    The final products are in the JG database (that is becoming huge), here is the link for the Cold War section, Africa:
    (there are there old a newer draws)

    I also posted recently all the sets made (finished) by me in Deviantart, so here is a link were are all the sets that I done about the Portuguese Colonial War. It is a folder related with Portuguese History, but the sets are (more or less) in chronological order. I am still uploading sets there, but there are 17 sets can be almost directly related it the theme:

    I take this already long message to say that, since you are always interested in Iberian military history, if you ever need a reference on a Portuguese or (in less extension) Spanish book, feel free to contact me, I think my mail appears to you in this message.

    Best regards from Portugal,
    Tulius Hostilius

    • Tulius, thanks for the comment, positive feedback, links and offer of help. My Spanish is bad. My Portuguese worse. So I can always do with a bit of help.

      And thanks for the work you’ve invested in the paper figures. This is a real boost for those interested in the Portuguese Colonial War. I hope your figures will encourage others to give the period a try.


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