Political Commissar Rule for Crossfire

The Political Commissar Special Rule for Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover this but it is described in Hit the Dirt (p. 8). The rule is optional but is applicable to Soviets in WWII – in particular between July 1941 and November 1942 – and communists in any number of civil wars and insurgencies, e.g. the Spanish Civil War and the Portuguese Colonial War.

Russian Human Wave led by Commissar

Commissar stands are represented like PCs, i.e. a single figure on a 15 mm wide x 30 mm deep stand. A Commissar moves and participates in combat as a CC. It may attach or detach itself to or from any Communist BC, CC, or PC at any time during the game. The Commissar provides a +2 modifier in all close combats in which it is involved and provides +3 rally modifier when helping any Communist stands to rally. However, if a 1 is rolled during a rally attempt by a Commissar the failing stand’s state becomes one step worse, i.e. a pinned stand becomes suppressed and a suppressed stand becomes killed.

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