Possible Crossfire House Rule to Block LOS over 2 low terrain features

A couple of guys on the Crossfire Yahoo forum mentioned they have house rules for blocking LOS across two terrain features, when normally this would be unrestricted. Increasingly I think this is a good idea.


Tim (9 Feb 2015) says:

I think the higher elevation is the key. My table is flat and I have to provide relief with terrain features. I still think of the terrain as varying and rolling mostly. So I would probably not let a squad away from a wall use it as cover from the other side of it.

Usually when we have lots of field features I have a scenario rule that LOS across two field features is blocked beyond the second.

Nikolas Lloyd

Lloyd (9 Feb 2015) says:

Yes, most fields are crowned, and most walls in the countryside are around fields, so someone standing in a field is visible over the wall. I play that TWO walls block sight. I have found from practical experience, that simply being the other side of the centre of a field often puts me out of sight.

Crossfire in the desert

As it happens I previously suggested this mechanism to Limit Small Arms Range in the Western Desert.

The Western Desert rule I suggested was:

  • A stand must be in LOS, arc of fire, obey the target proximity rules, and be within range to be able to fire.
  • Crew Served Weapons and Vehicles have unlimited range (as per standard Crossfire)
  • Rifle and SMG squads have a maximum range of two area features. Area features include Rough Ground, Crossfire Hills (but not Hit The Dirt Contour Lines), Rock Fields, Boulder Fields, Woods, Orchards, Structures, etc. Linear features don’t count for range, e.g. walls, hedges, roads, rivers, crests, wire.

Potential house rule

But perhaps the restriction should be universal, like Lloyd and Tim do, rather than restricted to a specific locale.

How about this as a house rule:

Stands have a maximum range of two features even if the features do not normally block LOS. One feature of Rough Ground, Rock Fields, out-of-season Fields, and Walls does not block LOS; LOS across two of these features stops at the far edge of the second feature.

The first graphic illustrates the standard rules and how this changes with the new house rule:

House Rule - Two Low Features Block LOS
House Rule – Two Low Features Block LOS

The second graphic illustrates the house rule with my new interpretation of the Protective Cover of Walls in Crossfire:

Walls - Protective Cover from Direct Fire including House Rule
Walls – Protective Cover from Direct Fire including House Rule

4 thoughts on “Possible Crossfire House Rule to Block LOS over 2 low terrain features”

  1. In case of doubt, we tend always to consider the cover bonus, due to intervening terrain.
    On the case of walls, as an house rule (we play at 1:1) we consider 2 types of walls: equal or less than 1,5m, so will not block LoS/LoF and over 2m, which effectively, will block LoS/LoF – as we have models of the two types of walls…
    The same applies to hedges.

    • I think Arty should have gone for low and high rather than wall and hedge. I basically view the standard CF “wall” as your low wall/hedge. And a “hedge” as your high wall/hedge.

      This post is just about two low terrain features e.g. two standard CF walls, or rough ground, or whatever.

    • Good point about height advantage. The house rule about should only apply when shooter and target are at the same height.


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