Publication History for THW

The Two Hour Wargames range has been developing for over ten years. Chain Reaction 3.0 represents the most current thinking on the underlying rule mechanisms. When considering which of their commercial rules to buy I’m interested in how old they are; the older the rules the more out-of-date they will be. For example, Legends of Araby (2003) uses d10 whereas Chain Reaction 3.0 uses d6.

This publication history is based on an email from THW on the progression of the games and the news section of the Two Hour Wargames site.


Warrior Kings (when the company was known as Breakthrough Games)


Warrior Heroes
6 Gun Sound


Mayhem series. Bugs, Mayhem: Warring Nations, Mayhem: Warrior Heroes

2HW – 1007 Warring Fleets
2HW – 1008 Warrior Heroes


Chain Reaction 1.0/Guns and Girls (original version now free on Yahoo Forum; version 3.0 free)
2HW – 1012 Legends of Araby
2HW – 1014 Red Sand Blue Sky
2HW – 1017 Black Powder Battles


Chain Reaction 2.0 (version 3.0 free)
2HW – 1018 ATZ – All Things Zombies
2HW – 1019 NUTS! WW2 Skirmish
2HW – 1020 Montjoie! Medieval Skirmish


2HW – 1021 FNG – Vietnam Man to Man
2HW – 1022 5150


2HW – 1023 Hölle auf Erden (Hell on Earth) (free)

2HW – 1024 Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory
2HW – 1025 Illegal Aliens – 5150 Aliens Book (now free)
2HW – 1026 Infestation – 5150 Scenario Book
2HW – 1027 Under a Hishen Sky


2HW – 1028 FNG: Unconventional Warfare
FNG 2.0
Friday Night Fights
Dead Heat – Professional Zombie Racing
Warrior Heroes – Armies and Adventures
Peiper At The Gates – NUTS! Scenario Book


Chain Reaction
3.0 (free)

Reaction 3.0 Swordplay (free)

War Against Japan scenario book for NUTS!
The Big Hurt – The Hürtgen Forest scenario book for NUTS!
Giving Up The Goat – New scenario for ATZ

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