Punic Wars Painting Guide – Gallic (Gaul)

Item Description
Tunic In order of frequency for poor people: Natural (off-white), brown, bright yellow, scarlet, blue, purple. Often in: strips, checks/tartan.
rich people (chiefs + cavalry) would have brighter colours and be more likely to have patterns
Shield much variety
Face (see illustrations): Bright and patterned
Boss: Iron (common) or bronze
Cloak Scarlet, blue or black Often with strips, checks or borders.
Body Armour Mail: Iron
Hair (their own) Fair (blond, brown, red), often bleached with a thick wash of lime (thus white, stiff & spiky)
Helmet Bowl: Bronze (common) and/or iron
Crest: black, red or white (?)
Sword and dagger Handle: Ivory or wood
Scabbard: Leather with iron/bronze fittings, or entirely iron
Blade: Steel
Javelin, spear Haft: Wood
Shaft + Blade: Steel
Standard Emblem: Bronze or Silver
Haft: Wood
Instrument Bronze
Sandals + straps + belt Base material: Leather
Fittings: Bronze
Wolf skin Wolf
Ornaments Neck or arm bands: Gold or bronze

Gallic Command with Musician and Standard

Gallic Infantry showing shield patterns

Gallic Cavalry showing clothing colours

Gallic Cavalry showing shield patterns

Gallic Cavalry showing Cloak patterns

Gallic Infantry

Gallic Infantry (Essex painted by Ian Galley)

Gallic Infantry

Gallic Infantry (Mikes Models painted by Ross Pirie)

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