Punic Wars Painting Guide – Italian

As Roman Infantry except:

Item Description
Tunic no uniform; so lots of variety
Base material:
In order of frequency: white, red, crimson, red-brown, ochre, light grey, blue-grey. Cavalry would use more colour than infantry.
Decorations (see illustrations)
Any of (in no order): white, red, crimson, red-brown, ochre, light grey, blue-grey, black, yellow, blue.
Greaves (leg guard) Bronze
Helmet Bowl: Bronze
Crest: Red, black, or white; or alternate these colours
Feathers: Black or white
Shield no uniform; so lots of variety
Star was popular – all variations on what we know as the Macedonian star.
Scutum (oval shield; see illustrations). Known patterns include:

  • black stars on yellow (bronze?)
  • black stars on brown, light brown rim
  • red star on white
  • plain bronze

Some may have had iron bosses.
Round shields (see illustrations).Known patterns include:

  • plain bronze
  • some blazon on bronze – probably any Greek ones would do
  • red disk on bronze
  • centre & rim of bronze, grey wreath on broad white circle

Wicker shield (see illustrations).Wicker (light brown?).

Belt Base material : Bronze <=== interesting
Sandals + straps Base material: Black
Fittings: Bronze
Body armour Plate (square, round or group of same): Bronze

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