Reconquista Wargaming Project

I’m rather fond of the Reconquista so have a bunch of armies. I don’t play so much now, mostly for the lack of a large scale set of rules that I like.


DBM in the past, the dabbled with the idea of FOG, but mostly play DBA or HOTT.


I can field all the main players for the Reconquista using DBM

Later Visigothic 419 AD – 720 AD (DBM Book 2, List 82 )

Andalusian 710 AD – 1172 AD (DBM Book 3, List 34)

Feudal Spanish 711 AD – 1340 AD (DBM Book 3, List 35)

Fanatic Berber 1039 AD – 1529 AD (DBM Book 3, List 74)

Medieval Spanish or Portuguese 1340 AD – 1485 AD (DBM Book 4, List 68)

My favourites are Murabit Berber (circa 1110 AD) and Medieval Aragonese (circa 1455 AD). If you want to know why I like the Murabitun, just check out the first 5 minutes of the movie El Cid. And Medieval Aragonese … because I like Almughavares … fielding shieldless Javelin/Spearmen in WRG 7 edition was a fine way to get ones blood moving.

I have also fielded some contemporaries from other parts of the world:

Abbasid Arab 747 – 945 AD (DBM Book 3, List 37)

Tuareg 1000 AD – 1880 AD (DBM Book 3, List 69) … Adrenalin pumping action it was too – this army has no reverse.

Catalan Company 1302 AD – 1388 AD (DBM Book 4, List 60)

And I’m working on …

Granadine 1232 AD – 1492 AD (DBM Book 4, List 38)


15 mm


Predominantly from Essex Miniatures, although Irregular, and Table Top appear among the the Muslim Cavalry and the Almughavares.

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