Republican Roman Light Foot in Field of Glory

Under DBM and earlier WRG games the Republican Roman light foot started as spear and Javelin guys then got upgraded to Javeliin and Shield guys in the Second Punic War. But Field of Glory does it differently. This has implications for the Mid Republican Starter Army.

Mid Republican Roman Light Foot

In Field of Glory most Light Foot javelinmen are Unprotected but unusually Roman Light Foot javelinmen have the option to be Unprotected or Protected. I assume the Protected variety are Velites with the large shield (3′) and metal helmet and the Unprotected option represents the guys with spear and javelins but no shield. .

Head (1982) believed Roman Light Infantry changed from Leves to Velites in 211 BC. Sekunda (1996), however, points out that Livy uses the word Velite in his account of Regulus’s defeat in 255 BC. Sekunda says the 211 BC reference is in fact when the velites were first mounted behind cavalrymen.

Mid Republican Roman Starter Army

The published Mid Republican Roman Starter Army is only 587 points and despite calling them Velites includes Unprotected Javelinmen. For only 8 points they can all be ungraded to Protected thus giving them a slight edge in melee against other Javelinmen – an edge the historical Velite had. This change would bring the point total to 595 so still within the 600 points of a Starter Army

Num BG Troops Type Armour Quality Training Shooting POA Impact POA Melee POA Special Number of bases Point per base BG value Total Value
(3) Commanders TC CinC 1 35 35 105
2 Cavalry Cv Armoured Average Undrilled Light spear Swordsmen 4 12 48 96
2 Velites LF Protected Average Drilled Javelins Light spear 4 5 20 40
4 Hastati & Principes HF Armoured Superior Drilled Impact foot Skilled swordsmen 4 14 56 224
2 Triarii HF Armoured Elite Drilled Offensive spearmen 2 16 32 64
1 Italian Allied Foot MF Protected Average Drilled Light spear Swordsmen 6 7 42 42
(1) Fortified Camp CAMP 1 24 24 24
11 595


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