Rulers of the Mexica and of the Acolhua

The following is a list of rulers of the Mexica is compiled from Aztecs / Nahuatl / Tenochtitlán and Davis (1973).


Dates Served (Davis, 1973) Dates Served (Aztecs / Nahuatl / Tenochtitlán) Name

English Translation
(Duran, 1964)

1319-1370 1325-1375 Tenoch (actually he was the top guy of the 4 priest rulers)
1372-1391 1376-1396 Acamapichtli Handful of Reeds
1391-1415 1397-1417 Huitzilihuitl Humming Bird Feather
1415-1426 1418-1427 Chimalpopoca Smoking Shield
1426-1440 1428-1440 Itzcóatl Obsidian Serpent
1440-1468 1441-1469 Moctezuma I (Ilhuicamina) Angry Lord who Shoots the Sky
1468-1481 1470-1481 Axayácatl Water Face
1481-1486 1482-1486 Tízoc Leg of Chaulk
1486-1502 1487-1502 Ahuítzotl Water Monster
1502-1520 1503-1520 Moctezuma II (Xocoyotzin) Angry Lord, Youngest Son
1520 1520-1521 Cuítálahuac Lord of Cuitlahuac, Keeper of the Kingdom
1520-1525 Cuauhtémoc Eagle that Descends
1525-1526 Tlacotzin (Cihuacoatl, subsequently Tlatoani)
1539-1542 Don Diego Huanitzin

Rulers of Tenayucan and Texcoco

The following list of rulers of the Chichimec (the specific wave of nomads) and Acolhua is compiled from Davis (1973), Anonimo Mexicano, and Duran (1964).. The Chichimec and Acolhua were the main people of Texcoco – the second city in the Triple Alliance.

Dates Served
(Davis, 1973)
Name English Translation
?? Xólotl * Monster
?? Nopaltzin
?? Quinatzin-Tlaltecatzin ** Known as ‘He Who Flattens the Earth’
?? ?? (father of Ixtlilxóchitl)
1409-1418 Ixtlilxóchitl ‘Black Flower Face’
1418-1472 Nezahualcóyotl ‘Fasting Coyote’
1472-1515 Nezahualpilli
1515-1520 Cacama
1520-1521 Coanachochtzin
1521-1531 Don Fernando Ixtlilxóchitl

* Adopted the title Chichimec Teuhctli (‘Emperor of the Chichimec’). Ruled from Tenayucan.

** First Chichimec Emperor to rule from Texcoco, although Tlotzin Pochotl had governed there on behalf of their father Nopaltzin.

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