Scenarios for Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire

You might want to look at my General Scenario Guidelines or go straight to the scenarios and scenario resources themselves:

Name Status Date Type Table Comment
General   Any
Scenario for Crossfire novices Played Scenario 4’x4′ Reports from play testers suggests this is a good introduction to the rules
Race for …X Crossfire Campaign Played Campaign Based on Race for …X Campaign
No Mans Land Crossfire Mini-Campaign Draft Campaign 4’x4′ Based on No Mans Land Mini-Campaign
2 companies a side Played Scenario 4’x4′ Generic scenario
2-3 companies a side Draft Scenario 6’x4′ Generic scenario
Eastern Front   1941-45  
2 Foot City Battle Report 1941-45 Scenario 2’x2′
SU76 “Colombina” Draft Early Dec 1943 Scenario 4’x4′
Russian Scouts Played Late 1943 Scenario 4’x4′
3rd Battle of Kharkov Battle Report 11-14 Mar 1943 Scenario 6’x4′ Played 3 times.
SU-76i in 1902nd SAP Draft Aug-Sep 1943 Scenario 6’x4′
Armour Fest Battle Report Late 1943 Scenario 6’x4′ Corr, all that lovely armour.
Ponyri Station and Hill 253.5 Played 7 Jul 1943 Scenario 15’x5′ 8 player game
Pocket Played 1943 Scenario 4’x4′ (x3) Multiple table game for six players

North Table

Played 1943 Scenario 4’x4′ Stand along game or part of multi-table game

South Table

Played 1943 Scenario 4’x4′ Stand along game or part of multi-table game

West Table

Played 1943 Scenario 4’x4′ Stand along game or part of multi-table game
Kursk 3 Round Campaign Draft 1943 Campaign Various Based on 3 Round Campaign
From Leningrad to Hungary (Moniushko, 2005) Idea Timeline
Road to Stalingrad (Erickson, 1993) Idea Timeline
132nd Infantry Division (Bidermann, 2000) Idea Timeline


Battle Report 29 Aug 1941 Scenario 6’x4′


Battle Report 29 Dec 1941 Scenario 4’x4′
Stalingrad Idea Aug 1942 – Feb 43 Timeline

92nd Naval Infantry – The Sea Devils

Battle Report 17 Sep 1942 Scenario 4’x3′
Tank Riders (Bessonov, 2003) Idea Timeline


Draft 24 Mar 1944 Scenario
250th (Blue) Division 1941-43
General Idea 1941-43 Timeline
Volkhov Bridgehead Battle Report 19 Oct 1941 Scenario 6’x4′
Sitno Draft 23 Oct 1941 Scenario 6’x4′
The Old Chapel Draft 27 Dec 1941 Scenario 6’x4′
Krasny Bor: Black Wednesday Played 10 Feb 1943 Scenario 6’x4′ (x8) Huge = 8 tables and 8 players over two days.
Tarnopol Mar-Apr 1944
General Idea Mar-Apr 1944 Timeline
Tarnopol 3 Round Campaign Played Mar-Apr 1944 Campaign Various Based on 3 Round Campaign
Russian Recce Battle Report 25 Mar 1944 Scenario 4’x4′
SU-152s up close and personal Battle Report 31 Mar 1944 Scenario 3’x2′
Push to the City Draft 28 Mar 1944 Scenario 6’x4′
Battle Group Friebe Draft 14 Apr 1944 Scenario 6’x4′
Breakout Draft 16 Apr 1944 Scenario 6’x4′
Tarnopol Matrix Campaign Draft Mar-Apr 1944 Campaign Various A form of Matrix Game
Italy   1943-45  
French Expeditionary Corps Idea TO&E
2 New Zealand Division Idea Timeline

River Sangro and Orsogna

Idea 11 Nov 1943
– 17 Jan 1944

Rimini Airfield

Idea Sep 1944 Timeline
Reconnaissance Before Pontecorvo Battle Report 19 May 1944 Scenario From HTD
NW Europe   1944-45
Astrang Crossings Battle Report 29 Mar 1945 Scenario 6’x4′
Zerstorer Draft Spring 1945 Scenario 6’x4′ Can the Germans get the secret weapon away in time?
St Aubin-sur-Mer Draft 6 Jun 1944 Scenario 6’x4′
Malmedy Draft 21 Dec 1944 Scenario 6’x4′
Ranville Draft 6 Jun 1944 Scenario 14’x6′
Race Through Normandy Played Jun 1944 Campaign 14’x6′ (x3) Based on Race for …X Campaign
Tanks into Normandy (Hills, 2002) Idea Jun 1944 Timeline
Arnhem Idea 17-25 Sep 1944 Timeline
Rhine River Crossings Idea 23/24 Mar 1945

Operation Widgeon: The Commando Crossing at Wesel

Draft 23/24 Mar 1945 Scenario 14’x6′

8th Scots meets 1st Canadian Paras

Draft 23/24 Mar 1945 Scenario 14’x6′

Rhine Crossing ala Rapid Fire

Draft 23/24 Mar 1945 Scenario 14’x6′ I don’t like this but kept it for completeness.

Operation Link Up: Paras again

Draft 23/24 Mar 1945 Scenario 14’x6′
Spanish Civil War 1936-39
General Idea Timeline
Counter-Attack on Mérida Draft 11 Aug 1936 Scenario 6’x4′
Tank attack at Seseña Draft 29 Oct 1936 Scenario 4’x4′
45 Pesetas Draft 1936 Scenario 4’x4′
University City 1: Hall of Philosophy and Letters Draft 15 Nov 1936 Scenario 6’x4′
Andalusian Motorcade Battle Report Aug 1936 Scenario 6’x4′  
Moroccan Knives Battle Report Aug 1936 Scenario 4’x3′  
Carabanchel Battle Report 8-13 Nov 1936 Scenario 3’x2′ Urban
Middle East and Western Desert 1939-43
Arab Legion in Syria Idea 1939 Timeline
Tobruk Draft 13 Apr 1941 Scenario 6’x4′
France 1940
2nd Bedfords (Medley, 1990) Idea 1940 Timeline
Far East: Russian versus Japanese 1938-45
Scenario Ideas Idea Timeline
Arab-Israeli Wars 1948-now
1948 Scenario Ideas Idea Scenario
1956 Scenario Ideas Idea Scenario

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