Simple Shading with Vallejo Model Color Paints

I use the black undercoat painting method and so do War Modelling (Spain). I noticed their style was a little different to mine – they use a highlight colour on all the big areas. Given I wasn’t too familiar with the Vallejo Model Color range I asked Luis Santigosa from War Modelling (Spain) for some advice. He offered some colour combinations to use for shading – those used by their painting service. I’ve extended this list further as I’ve experimented and overtime it has morphed into my default painting scheme. Unless noted this is proper painting rather than dry brushing, and Vallejo paints.

Colour Base Colour Highlight Colour
White (including white horses)
Either Vallejo (154) 70.989 Sky Grey1

Or Vallejo (155) 70.990 Light Grey

Either Vallejo (001) 70.951 White 2

Or Vallejo (005) 70.918 Ivory 2
Vallejo (169) 70.950 Black

Mix Vallejo (169) 70.950 Black

With Vallejo (160) 70.992 Neutral Grey
Vallejo (166) 70.994 Dark grey

Vallejo (160) 70.992 Neutral grey
Sky Blue
Vallejo (053) 70.930 Dark Blue

Vallejo (065) 70.841 Andrea Blue3
Blue 4
Vallejo (051) 70.965 Prussian Blue

Vallejo (053) 70.930 Dark Blue
Vallejo (137) 70.982 Cavalry brown

Vallejo (028) 70.909 Vermillion
Vallejo (121) 70.913 Yellow Ochre

Vallejo (014) 70.915 Deep yellow
Light Green
Vallejo (097) 70.979 German Camouflage Dark Green

Vallejo (072) 70.970 Deep Green
Dark Green
Vallejo (097) 70.979 German Camouflage Dark Green

Mix Vallejo (097) 70.979 German Camouflage Dark Green

With Vallejo (001) 70.951 White
Brown and Horse Tones (Brown)
Vallejo (148) 70.941 Burnt umber

Either Vallejo (143) 70.983 Flat earth6

Or Vallejo (140) 70.984 Flat brown

Or Vallejo (141) 70.921 English Uniform

Or Vallejo (134) 70.874 US Tan Earth
Horse tones (reddish)
Vallejo (148) 70.941 Burnt umber

Either Vallejo (146) 70.985 Hull Red
Horse tones (Pale)
Vallejo (129) 70.929 Light Brown

Vallejo (122) 70.912 Tan yellow
Vallejo (125) 70.977 Desert Yellow

Mix Vallejo (125) 70.977 Desert Yellow

With Vallejo (001) 70.951 White
Vallejo (121) 70.913 Yellow Ochre

Mix Vallejo (121) 70.913 Yellow Ochre

With Vallejo (001) 70.951 White
Rifle stocks
(139) 70.846 Mahogany brown
Gun metal
(179) 70.863 Gunmetal grey

(178) 70.864 Natural steel
European Skin Tone
Vallejo (017) 70.815 Flesh Tone8
African Skin Tones
Vallejo (140) 70.984 Flat Brown8
Wood e.g. carts or buildings
Heavy dry brush Vallejo (145) 70.826 German Camouflage Mid Brown [Coat D’arms 534 Dark Leather]

Dry brush Vallejo (113) 70.880 Khaki Grey [Coat D’arms 524 Tan Earth]
Light Dry brush 50:50 mix Vallejo (113) 70.880 Khaki Grey [Cote D’arms 524 Tan Earth] and Vallejo (001) 70.951 White
Thatch10 Heavy Dry brush Cote D’arms 502 Field Drab Light Dry brush Cote D’arms 221 Horse Tone Dun – particularly around edges, gives a hint of Brown/Gold
Light Dry brush Cote D’arms 231 Mid Grey
Light Dry brush Cote D’arms 233 Linen
Straw Hat9
Vallejo (120) 70.976 Buff

Vallejo (007) 70.837 Pale Sand
Red Hair
Vallejo (137) 70.982 Cavalry Brown

Vallejo (025) 70.956 Clear Orange

(1) I always use Sky Grey as the base for white.
(2) The Vallejo white is very thick which is why I’m increasingly opting for Ivory instead
(3) Although you’d think that Sky Blue paint would be a good choice for Sky Blue I found Luis’s suggestion of Andrea Blue very successful.
(4) Luis recommended this for all “blue” uniforms whether Spanish (Turqui) or French (midnight blue). In the field they all kind of blended together.
(5) This is my suggestion. Luis suggest something else. I didn’t find his combination too successful

Yellow – Luis’s suggestion
Vallejo (025) 70.956 Clear Orange

Vallejo (016) 70.948 Golden yellow

(6) I used (143) 70.983 Flat earth for the top coat on my Napoleonic Spanish.
(7) Buff is the colour I used for the trousers of the heavy cavalry of my Napoleonic Spanish.
(8) Paint the facial features (forehead, nose, checks, chin, ears) and other flesh (hands, arms, legs) leaving black undercoat as shadow.
(9) Straw hats are useful for troops from Venezuela.
(10) For Celtic, Russian or Burmese houses. The paint suggestions are, as you’ll notice, not Vallejo, but Coat D’Arms.

I used these suggestions for my Napoleonic Spanish and Royalists in the Chilean Campaign of 1817-18.

PEN-207 Royalist Chiloe Regiment
PEN-207 Royalist Chiloe Regiment
PEN-202 Spanish Infantry - Brown uniform with Red trim
PEN-202 Spanish Infantry – Brown uniform with Red trim

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